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Suzuki introduces updated Swift Hybrid

An economical engine, rich equipment, new security systems - Suzuki releases an updated version of the popular urban model with a sporty character. New equipment and safety systems have appeared on board, and under the hood there is a modern and economical engine supported by a mild hybrid system.

The Swift has been prized by drivers around the world for years looking for a stylish and fun-to-drive hatchback. The current version of Swift debuted in 2017. The urban car from Japan was immediately evaluated by the jury members of the prestigious World Urban Car 2018 plebiscite - it entered the top three finalists, and by the end of 2019, 745,000 cars were sold worldwide (more than 119 markets). copies of this model. After the facelift, the Suzuki Swift Hybrid still retains its timeless character, combined with a modern look and cutting-edge technology.

Swift Facelift - the most important changes

Iconic look

The updated model features a new sporty 3D dot grille with a horizontal chrome accent. In addition, there is a new pattern of polished alloy wheels, as well as new two-tone exterior color combinations and stylish decorative elements in the interior.

Economy transmission

The Swift Hybrid is powered by a new 1.2 DualJet (K12D) petrol engine paired with a 12V SHVS mild hybrid system with a higher capacity Li-Ion battery. Such a set allows you to effectively reduce fuel consumption while maintaining the throttle response characteristic of the Swift.

Suzuki introduces updated Swift Hybrid

Intelligent security systems

Already in the basic version of the equipment we find new systems to increase safety, and from the Premium Plus version there are several novelties, such as: Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Monitoring and Lane Departure Prevention, as well as a number of intelligent functions, as well as known from others Suzuki models safety.

Iconic look


The updated Swift draws attention with its sporty and bold front bumper styling, accentuated track and glass body, as well as details such as a streamlined roofline and vertically positioned LED headlights. This distinctive design has been further updated on the new model with a new 3D dot grille with horizontal chrome accent and a new polished alloy wheel pattern. All these features make Swift unique.

Suzuki introduces updated Swift Hybrid

exterior colors

The Swift Hybrid is now available with a wide range of new two-tone color options. These include the flagship Burning Red Pearl Metallic with a black roof, the dynamic Speedy Blue Metallic with a black roof, and two brand new paint finishes: Orange Pearl Metallic with a black roof and Rush Yellow Metallic with a silver roof.


The sporty and refined interior design of the updated model is highlighted by features such as horns in the pipes, a large cab and a sporty D-shaped steering wheel for confident driving. The interior has new decorative elements in silver, which further emphasize the energetic and modern character of the interior.

Suzuki introduces updated Swift Hybrid

Economy transmission

New 1.2 DualJet (K12D) engine with 12V SHVS system

Under the hood of the updated Swift is a new 1.2 DualJet gasoline engine with the designation K12D. The unit is equipped with a dual injection system that provides a dynamic response to gas and a low fuel appetite. The balance between performance and economy has been achieved through the use of an electrically controlled variable intake valve (VVT) system, a variable displacement oil pump and electronically controlled oil jets for piston cooling.

Suzuki Swift after restyling is very economical. This is due to the upgraded 12V SHVS mild hybrid system with a lithium-ion battery with increased capacity from 3Ah to 10Ah. During braking, the hybrid system converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is stored in a lithium-ion battery. In the next step, the energy is used by the ISG device with an electric motor function to assist the internal combustion engine during acceleration, which reduces fuel consumption. When the engine is stopped, it automatically turns off and immediately starts with the clutch depressed.

Suzuki introduces updated Swift Hybrid

Intelligent security systems

In addition to the many currently available smart safety systems such as Dual Sensor Brake Assist (pre-collision response with monoscopic camera and laser sensor), Lane Departure Warning and High Beam Assist, the updated model is now equipped with traffic sign recognition (Traffic Sign) Sign recognition, blind spot monitoring and lane departure prevention.

Traffic sign recognition

The traffic sign recognition system uses a single-lens camera to monitor the road. When it detects speed limit or no overtake signs, it displays an icon on the screen to remind the driver which sign just passed.

Blind Spot Monitor

Two rear-mounted side radar sensors detect vehicles in or approaching the rear blind spot and alert the driver with a warning LED icon in the respective rearview mirrors to help change lanes.

Suzuki introduces updated Swift Hybrid

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When reversing at speeds up to 8 km/h, the car uses two rear-mounted radar sensors to warn the driver of approaching vehicles. When a collision risk is detected, the system alerts the driver with an information display and an audible warning. This extremely useful feature provides safety, for example, when reversing out of parking spaces, when rear and side visibility is limited on one or both sides of the vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning

At speeds between 60 and 160 km/h, the single-lens camera follows the road in front of the vehicle and recognizes road markings. When it detects that the vehicle may inadvertently cross the line, the system automatically guides the driver back onto the correct path by activating electric power steering.

Suzuki introduces updated Swift Hybrid

Retail price list (in c.u. (4 c.u. = 1 USD), gross)

1.2 DUALJET 12V SHVS 2WD 5MT (manual transmission)

  • Premium — 52 900
  • Premium Plus - 58 900
  • Elegance - 62 900

1.2 DUALJET 12V SHVS 2WD CVT (Automatic)

  • Premium — 57 900
  • Premium Plus - 63 900

Photo: Suzuki

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Suzuki представляет обновленный Swift Hybrid
Suzuki introduces updated Swift Hybrid