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Toyota PROACE CITY Mobility - a compact van with a body for the disabled


Toyota introduces a new body for the PROACE CITY Verso of the PROACE family. The PROACE CITY Mobility system makes it easy and safe to transport people in wheelchairs.

Toyota PROACE CITY Mobility

PROACE CITY Mobility is Toyota's next offering for a wheelchair accessible vehicle after the PROACE was built. The new add-on takes advantage of the PROACE CITY Verso, such as a low boot sill. The superstructure was developed in collaboration with Carpol.

Toyota PROACE CITY Mobility - a compact van with a body for the disabled

The Mobility body is adapted for the PROACE CITY model in the passenger version of the Verso. As part of it, the floor of the rear of the car was lowered, which made it possible to obtain a compartment with a height of 142 cm, in which a passenger sitting in a wheelchair can be comfortably transported. It also facilitates the introduction of a wheelchair user into the car on an aluminum frame that unfolds in full length and folds in half using electric drives. The ramp is hinged, making it very easy to unfold. This decision required a redesign of the rear bumper, the middle part of which is attached to the raised tailgate.

PROACE CITY Mobility has factory front and second row seats. The passenger compartment takes the place of the third row of seats and the luggage compartment. Toyota equipped it with additional LED lighting. Driving safety is ensured by the four-point seat belts of the wheelchair and the three-point seat belts for the passenger sitting in it.

Toyota PROACE CITY Mobility - a compact van with a body for the disabled

Mobility body is available for PROACE CITY Verso in Long version, 4.7 m long, in Business or Family configuration. Because it is type approved, it can be installed before the vehicle is registered. Both the car and the body are covered by a 3-year or 1 million km warranty. The price of the Mobility body for the Toyota compact van is $38,900. (4 c.u. = 1 USD) net.

The mobile body for PROACE CITY complements the wide range of body systems developed for production Toyota models. When purchasing PROACE or PROACE CITY, in addition to the adaptation system for the disabled, the car can also be equipped with an isotherm with a cooling unit, various types of cargo area protection and protective coatings, service bodies and specialized bodies. The medium-sized PROACE van also features, among other things, a ladder attachment system, a burial container and an elegant wooden Camper Tour Box. The Hilux ATV can be converted into an emergency vehicle, a snowplow or an ARCTIC TRUCKS ATV. Upon request, Toyota is also preparing special vehicles based on the Hilux for the police, fire and construction industries.

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Toyota PROACE CITY Mobility — компактвэн с кузовом для инвалидов
Toyota PROACE CITY Mobility - a compact van with a body for the disabled