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TRD mods the new Lexus ES


The catalog of the Japanese branch of the well-known tuning company TRD has been replenished with a modification package for the new Lexus ES. The Japanese limousine received a number of accessories and parts such as spoilers, a diffuser, an end silencer and larger rims. The Toyota Racing Development engineers didn't overdo it with the amount of modifications that kept the Lexus' elegant character.

Lexus ES turbojet version

Tuning has a special place in Japanese car culture. Japanese tuners will take on anything that can move on the road, and the results of their work are often surprising from our European point of view. In the case of the facelifted Lexus ES, the package prepared by Toyota Racing Development is quite subtle and, importantly, also has a positive effect on the car's handling. No wonder - TRD is owned by Toyota, and at the same time a division inextricably linked to motorsport.

TRD mods the new Lexus ES

Tuning can be seen and heard

The Lexus limousine has been redesigned with additional details added. However, these are not just additions, because the kit includes, for example, a sports end silencer, thanks to which the Lexus now sounds more aggressive. The four tailpipes have a combative look and fit neatly into the diffuser that completes the rear bumper. This element is designed to improve airflow under the vehicle and reduce adverse turbulence, especially when driving straight ahead. The front spoiler plays a similar role, directing airflow under the floor in a more favorable way. A related, if subtle at first glance, solution is standard among others on the new Lexus NX, whose engine guard is shaped to improve aerodynamics. But back to the tuned ES model.

TRD mods the new Lexus ES

Aerodynamics above all else

Another change that TRD has prepared for the Lexus limousine is the specially shaped mirror housings. The mirrors are now painted in contrasting black and are more aerodynamic. This item is of course available for vehicles that are not equipped with digital side mirrors. The exterior body changes are crowned by side skirts that visually lower the car and blend neatly into the rear diffuser and front spoiler. Equipped with overlays, the Lexus ES is as much as 51 mm lower. This is not an option for those who often run into high curbs.

TRD mods the new Lexus ES

Changes are also visible from below

There are other elements in the TRD package that affect the handling of the Lexus ES. Another non-obvious accessory installed as part of the package are steel reinforcements and racks that find their way into the chassis. Strategically placed parts make the bottom of the Lexus ES even more rigid, which in turn improves suspension performance and makes movement more precise. Every driver knows that the more rigid the structure of the car, the more compact and maneuverable it is. Thus, the advantages of the Lexus limousine are emphasized by the additional reinforcement included in the package developed by Toyota Racing Development.

TRD mods the new Lexus ES

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the visual additions. They are present both outside and in the cabin of the Lexus. The list of available options includes, of course, rims - in the case of the Lexus ES, 19- or 20-inch. Smaller models with 7 double spokes are available in Galaxy Dark Gun Metallic. A more expensive and efficient option is 20-inch wheels, which also require wider 245/30 R20 tires. A total of 9 double spokes create an eye-catching design and the colors available for these wheels are Diamond Gray Metallic II and Stardust Shiny Grey. Lightweight aluminum wheels also reduce unsprung weight, which improves handling and driving comfort.

TRD mods the new Lexus ES

Sporty interior

The point is over and there is a slight change in the interior. The decorative element, in which the panel with the buttons for opening the windows and adjusting the mirrors, has been changed to black and complemented by a structural pattern with an arrow. This minor change rounds out the interior climate, as the Lexus ES F Sport for which these modifications are intended comes with a range of in-cab accessories as standard to symbolize its sporty character. Aluminum pedal caps, F Sport badges or perforated leather upholstery – these are the elements that the ES F Sport is equipped with when it leaves the showroom.

The package of changes prepared by TRD is sure to take root in the market for which it was intended. A tuning kit for the prestigious sedan is offered in Japan. Buyers in the Land of the Rising Sun, like nowhere else, have access to an almost unlimited number of accessories and tuning parts for a variety of models.

Photo: TRD JP

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TRD модифицирует новый Lexus ES
TRD mods the new Lexus ES