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Three words about the Infiniti Q30

Yes, another vlog. What happened to do vlogs on the blog. It's a mess with a mess. But the truth is, I've been blogging for a while now... but that's a topic for a separate vlog entry.

You sit in it a bit high, but you get used to it. The interior looks nice, the materials are delicious, but the performance of that center screen leaves a lot to be desired. The same as his work. The seats are cool - black with white inserts, you know, on props.

I don't even know this "chest" because I haven't had a chance to play with paddles yet. If you drive in normal mode and do not miss, the speed above 2000 is difficult. The appearance of the Q30 is something like this ... I don’t know. It's not tragic, it's not embarrassing, it might be fun, but it's definitely the ugliest Infiniti.

It costs something like "decently", rides smoothly, but I would not say that it is very compact. I'm missing something in this car, but I can't name it yet.

Perhaps the driving position is to blame - in the first one you sit lower and deeper, so the first trip of the Q30, immediately after the transplant, was like "oh, otherwise if you slow down hard, it will fly out." through the windshield." But I'll get used to it.

The engine growls neutrally, the exhaust is not audible, the air is not very buzzing, the tires do not come out.

Some curiosities:

  • There is no lever behind the steering wheel on the right side (normally there should be a wiper lever).
  • The shift lever is smaller than the gear selector on the Prius.
  • The dashboard is trimmed in black Alcantara in places so awesome that I let go of the steering wheel as soon as I could and rubbed it.

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Три слова о Infiniti Q30
Three words about the Infiniti Q30