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Find out the prices for the second generation Lexus NX


The first generation Lexus NX, released in 2014, was the first Lexus in the midsize SUV segment. Its predatory, emotional design appealed not only to a new group of buyers leading an active lifestyle in the city, but also to people who want to stand out among the owners of premium SUVs.

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The first generation Lexus NX was designed to provide a nimble feel not often associated with SUVs and adapt to urban environments. The aggressive design left no doubt about its functionality and high performance. Extensive active safety equipment includes a full range panoramic view monitor, full range adaptive speed control, lane departure warning (LDA), blind spot monitoring (BSM), rear cross traffic alert (RCTA), new cornering lights and a head-up display.

Debuted by Lexus, the Panoramic View System uses the highest resolution camera available in a Lexus vehicle. The NX was the first in its segment to introduce full-range adaptive cruise control, allowing it to automatically follow the vehicle ahead and stop itself when needed.

Find out the prices for the second generation Lexus NX

The second generation Lexus NX, equipped with the fourth generation hybrid drive, opens a new chapter in the history of the brand, paving the way for exterior and interior design and introducing new powertrains, including the first plug-in electric hybrid drive in Lexus. range. The new NX is more dynamic and offers a more enjoyable driving experience. It also received a new generation multimedia and communication system, as well as advanced technologies that improve safety, driving comfort and ease of use of the car.

The new NX replaces a model that has been a huge success in Europe, with more than 170,000 units sold since its launch in 2014. Most of the vehicles were bought by new Lexus customers, which has become a major factor in the development of the brand in the region. In Russia, Lexus NX has been and remains the best-selling model of the brand. Since the premiere, 11,322 vehicles have been sold, of which 57% are hybrid vehicles.

Building on these advances, Lexus has completely redesigned the NX to tailor the new model to rising customer expectations - up to 95% vehicle parts have been replaced with new components. Changes are noticeable in both performance and handling, as well as efficiency. The new model is based on the Lexus principle of "people in the spotlight".

Find out the prices for the second generation Lexus NX

The new Lexus NX will be unveiled at special pre-premier shows at dealerships from 5 to 23 August. Customers interested in buying it can order the car now and take advantage of a special offer available only from dealers.

The starting price of the hybrid version (Lexus NX 350h FWD) is below $199,900. (4 c.u. = 1 USD).

  1. The basic version is already very rich in equipment: 18-inch alloy wheels, a 9.8-inch screen with cloud navigation, a full safety package, LED lights and a rear-view camera. Given that this model is equipped with a very economical and dynamic 242 hp hybrid system, we can say that this is an excellent offer.
  2. The surcharge for all-wheel drive E-FOUR is 10,000 USD. (4 c.u. = 1 USD).
  3. The most popular version of the Prestige, available from $239,900. (4 c.u. = 1 USD), has a wide range of standard equipment, incl. LSS 3+ Security Package, Cloud Navigation, Voice Assistant, Smart Key, Power Front Seats with Lumbar Support, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitor, Foot-to-Foot Boot Opener and Safety Descent Assistant.

The starting price of the Plug-in version (Lexus NX 450h+) is from $289,900. (4 c.u. = 1 USD).

In the standard version, the car is well-equipped with the largest battery in its class at 18.1 kWh (segment average 12.3 kWh), giving the car the longest range in the segment in EV mode of 63 km (average). for the 40 km segment). ). The NX 450h+ is fully functional - loading capacity, despite the addition of a larger battery, is the same as the full hybrid version. For the amount of 289 900 c.u. (4 c.u. = 1 USD) we get a well-equipped car with a sensational plug-in drive with a power of over 300 km.

Find out the prices for the second generation Lexus NX

You must deduct 7.3% Ecobonus from each of the above prices. Lexus has also prepared a very attractive and competitive long-term rental offer for KINTO ONE. Details can be obtained from dealers.

The first cars will be handed over to buyers in December this year., and for those customers who would like to purchase the first generation Lexus NX, Lexus has prepared a very attractive holiday offer. Prices for this model start at $154,900. (4 c.u. = 1 USD), and cars (already in limited quantities) are available immediately.

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Узнаем цены на Lexus NX второго поколения
Find out the prices for the second generation Lexus NX