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Winter tires and car wash

ATBefore going to bed, I had two thoughts. Two sets of wheels (summer and winter) is hell. Because if you only have tires, you go to a tire shop after the season, he changes them and balances well every season. And if you have whole wheels on the site, you change them yourself and the topic is over - they changed, and calmly. And then it turns out that you did the last balancing 4 seasons ago (when you bought winter tires), a lot of weights fell off and so on. Of course, you don’t feel anything on the steering wheel, but this does not mean that everything is fine.

That is why I will sell my 16″ wheels with winter tires (they are after 4 seasons, but the tread is still 6-7mm - another season or two will fly) and buy a set of winter tires for 17-inch white wheels. And every season I will change at the tire fitting. Maybe it will be a little more expensive, but thanks to this, I will always have well-balanced wheels.

Of course, after each turn of the wheel on the site, I can go to the tire shop for balancing, but I do not. And if he did, then I get tired of changing it myself - if he then has to remove the wheels from me and load them, then let him transfer the rubber. It seems there is a savings in the presence of 2 sets of wheels, but I don’t know if this makes sense, or if it doesn’t fit with light picking: “Dude, I change the wheels myself, this is savings. Which? When was the last time I balanced? 4 years ago when I bought tires. Then they put them on these discs and immediately balanced them, since then I haven’t seen a rubber man - and it’s still perfect, without beating, believe me, everything is OK, good balancing and enough for 10 years! »

I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of texts about an amateur, ordinary (not detailed) car wash and I come to the conclusion that automatic car washes are the least harmful to paintwork. Because the touchless car wash does not hold anything, and if you use the brush that is in the bucket, you can also rub it with sand. And it’s cool to wash on the site with two buckets with your hands, but only in the summer and if you are an amateur, and you’ll make a scratch, because the sponge is not like that, because the microfiber is not like that for 1000 rubles, only one from the kitchen department in the Metro, because the water is 8 in buckets, etc. because …

And such a car wash, as long as it is not rough and old as the world, it will cause the least harm. By the way - one of the videos about it:

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Зимняя резина и мойка автомобилей
Winter tires and car wash