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Nissan presents a unique version of the ARiya crossover

In truly arctic conditions, Nissan, along with members of the Pole to Pole Expedition team, unveiled a special version of the new ARIYA electric SUV that will travel 27,000 km from the North Magnetic Pole to the South Pole.

Nissan ARiya ready for pole-to-pole expedition

On this unique expedition, scheduled to begin in March, ARIYA will have to face extreme climate and terrain conditions and overcome vast expanses of ice, thick snow, steep mountain climbs and hostile desert dunes. To adapt the Nissan ARIYA to these harsh conditions, Nissan engineers and designers enlisted the help of Arctic Trucks, a specialist in vehicles for polar expeditions.

Modifications made to the vehicle were, by definition, kept to a minimum and did not include any changes to the operation of the battery or drive system. Basically, they consisted in adjusting the suspension and equipping the car with 39-inch wheels. Combined with the advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel drive technology, they give Chris and Julia the extreme driving comfort and control they need to safely reach their South Pole destination.

Nissan presents a unique version of the ARiya crossover

Chris Ramsey, leader of the pole-to-pole electric expedition, said:

“One of the most important aspects of our entire adventure is that it is based on a standard production electric vehicle that, with minor modifications, will be able to showcase its true capabilities in whatever conditions it encounters. Our Nissan ARIYA is only slightly different from the factory model - it still uses the same battery and transmission, which proves once again how successful and versatile ARIYA is. We've modified the suspension and widened the wheel arches to take advantage of a stable platform on beefy 39-inch wheels with BF Goodrich tires. I am incredibly excited to drive this car which is a brilliant car in its own right and with this equipment it will take you to the ends of the earth in great style!”

Chris, who confessed his love for coffee, will have access to an in-cabin coffee maker with plenty of the best organic coffee during the trip. The right dose of caffeine will surely help him stay focused on the long stretches of the wasteland, and a drone that can take off directly from a car-top platform will help Chris capture the beauty of these spectacular places.

Another innovative solution is a portable renewable energy generator that will be used to charge cars in the polar regions. The portable prototype includes a handy, lightweight wind turbine and solar panels that will take advantage of strong winds and long hours of daylight to recharge the traction battery while Chris and Julie stop for rest.

Nissan presents a unique version of the ARiya crossover

Julie Ramsey, leader of the pole-to-pole expedition, said:

“Planning and preparing for a pole-to-pole expedition has been a big part of our lives for the past four years, so I'm looking forward to March when we finally hit the road. Along the way, we will meet many people and communities and learn about the actions they are taking to combat climate change. I would like to share these experiences and stories with anyone who is interested. We are true pioneers in what we do. No one has ever tried to do something like this before, which makes our journey even more exciting.”

For more information about the pole-to-pole expedition, including the latest on team preparations for this unique expedition, visit the website

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Nissan представляет уникальную версию кроссовера ARiyaEnglish
Nissan presents a unique version of the ARiya crossover