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New Ford Transit and Tourneo in off-road versions


The new versions of the Transit Trail and Transit Custom Trail are specifically designed to handle heavier traction conditions with a new mechanical limited slip differential (mLSD) that will be available on front-wheel drive and front-wheel drive Transit and Transit Custom models. all-wheel drive options Transit versions with intelligent all-wheel drive.

Ford Transit and Tourneo - new versions of popular models

Transit route and transit individual routewithout losing their functionality, they have acquired additional elements that distinguish them from the outside and in the cabin, increasing comfort and driving capabilities in difficult conditions.

New Ford Transit and Tourneo in off-road versions

Ford Tourneo Custom Active

New Versions - Transit Custom Active and Tourneo Custom Active, with optional skid plates and a mLSD differential for better traction on loose, slippery or soft surfaces, ideal for busy residential and business customers. The style of off-road models not only adds to their charm, but also has practical advantages on the track and off-road.

“The Active and Trail versions showcase the versatility and capabilities of the Transit family,” said Hans Schep, general manager of Ford of Europe Commercial Vehicles. - Everyone will find something for themselves. From businesses operating far from the highway to families looking for a vehicle that is as ready for challenge and adventure as possible.

The Active vehicle range will expand even at the end of 2020 with the introduction of the smaller Transit Connect Active and Tourneo Connect Active models. We will provide more details prior to the sale.

Trail version - for all conditions

The new Ford Transit Trail and Transit Custom Trail now feature sharper styling and improved off-road performance that fleet owners and operators working on rough, off-road and paved roads will love.

Trail versions have additional black side panels and similar trims around the front and rear lower bumpers. Ford's large oval on the matte black grille emphasizes the model's bold, functional lines and reflects its spirit. The unique 16-inch alloy wheels and the Trail logo on the front doors make a similar impression. The Transit Custom can also be equipped with roof rails and optional side sills.

New Ford Transit and Tourneo in off-road versions

Ford Tourneo Custom Active

The powertrain line-up now includes options that provide better traction in difficult road conditions. The front-wheel drive Transit and Transit Custom Trail models come standard with a mLSD mechanical differential, while the Transit Trail is available with intelligent all-wheel drive for confident handling in difficult terrain and weather conditions.

Developed in partnership with Quaife's powertrain specialists, mLSD automatically transfers torque to the wheel with the best grip in low-grip conditions, making it easier for the Transit Trail and Transit Custom Trail to navigate dirt roads, gravel and more demanding off-road conditions. . The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) has been recalibrated to work better with the mLSD mechanism. The same decision helped improve the traction and ride quality of Ford Performance models, including the Focus RS, Fiesta ST and Focus ST. Its operation does not affect CO2 emissions or fuel consumption.

New Ford Transit and Tourneo in off-road versions

Ford Transit Custom Active

The Transit Trail is also available with intelligent all-wheel drive, which greatly enhances its off-road capability. This system enhances the base rear-wheel drive setup by directing up to 50% of torque to the front axle based on traction data, changing road surfaces and driver response.

The intelligent all-wheel drive system on the Transit Trail also works with additional Slippery, Mud/Rutting modes designed to improve the car's grip and increase driver confidence in various road scenarios. Modes are easily controlled using the driving mode controller on the dashboard. The intelligent four-wheel drive also features a lock-up mode that allows for a 50:50 split of torque between the front and rear axles in extremely low grip areas. The system did not reduce the Transit Trail's cargo capacity or dimensions compared to rear-wheel drive versions.

The Trail models also received improved interior performance with leather upholstery as standard for increased aesthetic value, durability and easier interior cleaning. Regardless of the weather, the driver has comfortable driving conditions thanks to the standard air conditioning, and the Quickclear windshield heating allows you to quickly leave the parking space in winter. Also standard are electrically adjustable and folding side mirrors and a twilight sensor for the headlights.

The Transit Custom Trail is available in a variety of body styles ranging from 3,000 kg to 3,400 kg GVW, in both van, station wagon and double cab body styles, in standard and long wheelbases.

Buyers choosing the Transit Trail can choose from a variety of body styles and wheelbases for versions with a maximum gross weight of 3,500 kg, available among others. van, station wagon and double cab van with single or twin wheels.

New Ford Transit and Tourneo in off-road versions

Ford Transit Trail

All Transit Trail and Transit Custom Trail models feature an advanced 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine with three power ratings: 130 HP, 170 HP. and 185 hp

In addition, Transit Custom Trail models offer additional savings with hybrid versions equipped with electrified hybrid systems powered by the 2.0-liter EcoBlue combustion engine with 130, 170 and 185 hp. The 48-volt mild hybrid system recovers energy during deceleration and then stores it in the 48-volt battery for additional fuel savings while driving.

Universal active

The new Transit and Tourneo Custom Active models, inspired by the more austere styling of the SUV models, are functional with styling cues and additional equipment options to satisfy both private and business users. Versions of the Active range that offer more space, especially in the luggage compartment, allowing for daring trips and a sporty lifestyle, benefit from the popularity of the active car models - Fiesta Active and Focus Active.

Active Models different exterior elements in the style of SUVs:

  • Unique 17" alloy wheels;
  • Mesh structure of the radiator grille, characteristic only for this line;
  • Additional protection panels for wheel arches, body sidewalls, rear bumper and rear-view mirror housings;
  • Roof rails as standard.

Customers who expect the Transit Custom Active and Tourneo Custom Active to handle difficult road sections can order an optional mLSD.

New Ford Transit and Tourneo in off-road versions

Ford Transit Custom Trail

All Active models feature new interior elements with signature leather upholstery, while the Tourneo Custom Active is further highlighted by blue accents on the instrument panel.

The Tourneo Custom Active's flexible interior can be easily customized to meet user requirements. The seats can be moved to increase passenger or luggage space, which is also uniquely sized in the long wheelbase variant. The seats can also be flipped upside down for conferences or completely removed for more luggage space. The seat mounts can then be used as bike carrier anchors to allow bicycles to be transported.

Active versions are available with drives in three power ratings: 130 HP, 170 HP. and 185 hp depending on model and specification. Automatic and manual transmissions are available for the entire range. An optional mLSD differential can be ordered for the manual transmission version. Customers can choose from a wide range of body options and styles and are sure to find one that best suits their needs and lifestyle:

  • Tourneo Custom Active with short and long wheelbase accommodates up to eight people, including the driver;
  • transit user active van with a short and long wheelbase, with a permitted gross weight of 3000 kg;
  • transit user active Van with double cab, short and long wheelbase, GVW 3200 kg.

New Ford Transit and Tourneo in off-road versions

Ford Transit Custom Trail

The new Trail and Active models also receive improvements introduced in the 2019 Transit, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom offering. These include fuel-efficient 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engines and an EcoBlue Hybrid mild hybrid with 48-volt electrical installation, as well as a FordPass Connect modem (a solution that improves company vehicle use and optimizes operating costs), as well as new interior equipment and driver assistance systems.

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Новые Ford Transit и Tourneo во внедорожных версиях
New Ford Transit and Tourneo in off-road versions