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New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

Since its market debut in 1980, more than three million Renault Masters have been sold, all produced in France at the Batilly plant near Metz. It is an extremely rich history of the model's first three generations, spanning more than 40 years, and an impressive success crowned by its position as the historical leader of the European market in this vehicle class. Renault Master is sold in more than 50 countries and, since 1990, also in South American markets. The fourth generation Renault Master, now debuting, intends to continue this success.

“When developing the new Renault Master, we tried to get as close as possible to defining the ideal van. Professionals, entrepreneurs and fleet managers will find a van that is a huge step forward and can accompany them every step of the way on their journey to achieving peak productivity. A van that you can rely on as a true partner in your daily professional activities, regardless of the type of energy used to power it.” – Hélène Carvalho, Renault Master Program Director

Design of the new Renault Master 2024.

Interior, that is, a real workplace

“We put the customer at the center of every aspect of our thinking and strive to make everyday car use easier for them. Everything has been designed to make the new Renault Master a real workplace, practical, comfortable and, above all, of very high quality.” – Louis Morasse, Renault commercial vehicle design director.

The new Renault Master has an exceptionally high-quality interior, at a level similar to the interiors of passenger cars of the brand. The S-shaped instrument panel facing the driver increases the spaciousness of the cabin. Materials of the highest quality are used, and the 10-inch screen installed in all versions adds an eye-pleasing touch of technical progress. The dark hues of the trim further enhance the friendly ambiance of this state-of-the-art cabin. The steering wheel, taken from the brand's passenger models, is now adjustable in two planes (elevation and longitudinal), so everyone can set it to the most comfortable position. On versions with automatic transmission, the control lever is now located on the steering wheel for greater convenience and safety.

Storage space, with a total storage capacity increased by 25% to 135 liters, gives the new generation model a segment-leading position. Inside the New Renault Master, everything has its place: in the numerous storage compartments on the dashboard, in the side cup holders, in the drawer in the passenger side dashboard, in the storage compartment above the windshield and in each of the two levels of storage compartments in the door panels.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

The new Renault Master can also easily be transformed into a mobile office. When folded, the backrest of the middle seat forms a work desk, and under the folding seat there is a special compartment for a laptop. Installed USB-C ports provide power to electronic devices. Every detail has been designed to withstand intensive daily use, for example the seat side panels are made from more durable eco-leather, making it easier to get in and out of the car and maintain its appearance over time. Numerous seating options are available: hanging seat, swivel seats, single seats or two-seater sofa, as well as 2 upholstery options: fabric or eco-leather.

Body design

“The impressive overall silhouette of the new Renault Master is further enhanced by a powerful vertical grille, horizontal LED headlights and a very robust bumper. Its shapes have been carefully refined in collaboration with the engineering department to achieve the optimal combination of design, performance and energy efficiency.” – Louis Morasse, Renault commercial vehicle design director.

The design of the new Renault Master brings new quality to this vehicle segment with an impressive, contemporary style that underlines the vehicle's strong personality and enhances the prestige of business users in their activities. It was created to continue the success story of Master.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

The new Renault Master gives a feeling of reliability, solidity and safety. An important role in creating this impression is played by the massive front end of the car, which has a unique style reminiscent of the world of trucks. It represents the new visual identity of the Renault brand with a new logo and light signature in the shape of the letter "C" (C-shape), all-LED headlights of exceptional size, located on either side of the powerful grille. The radiator grille is highlighted at the bottom with a U-shaped decorative element, made in black, and in higher trim levels – in body color. 7 exterior colors are available as standard, as well as a wide range of special colors.

Body proportions have been carefully refined to provide the best balance for each body type. The rear end has been aerodynamically optimized and designed to keep the rear loading opening as large as possible and the payload to be as large as possible. The rear window retains Master's signature asymmetrical shape, and the taillights, like the headlights, create the brand's signature C-shaped lighting signature.

Much effort has been put into achieving high perceived quality and reliability. For example, the one-piece side protection panels create a more compact appearance, especially in longer versions, and, thanks to their more rigid design, are completely resistant to deformation. The load compartment has also improved the perception of even the smallest details, such as edge chamfers and reinforcements.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

AEROVAN – a body whose shapes are designed for energy efficiency

The aerodynamics of the new Renault Master, worked out to the smallest detail, provide it with the best energy efficiency in its class, regardless of the type of energy used. Its Scx ratio has been reduced by more than 20%, to a level significantly lower compared to the previous generation and all competing models.

Such a good result was achieved thanks to the precise refinement of body shapes: a short hood, a strongly inclined and forward windshield, aerodynamic side mirrors, air intakes in the bumper, a narrowed rear end, a sloping roof line, etc. Its aerodynamics have also been improved. to improve acoustic comfort in the cabin.

Because the car was too large to fit in the Saint-Cyr wind tunnel, aerodynamic testing was carried out on 83% scale models. The full-size versions were then transported for approval to a wind tunnel that specializes in studying the aerodynamics of aircraft.

These efforts have produced very tangible results in the form of improved energy efficiency. As a result, CO2 emissions in the new Renault Master have been reduced by as much as 39 g/km and are now below 200 g/km. The New Master's exceptionally sophisticated aerodynamics also contribute significantly to the reduction in energy consumption in the electric versions of the 20% compared to the current generation Master.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

Multi-energy platform

Regardless of the drive type chosen, New Renault Master buyers will always choose the vehicle with the highest energy efficiency in its class (as of launch day, November 2023). This provides significant savings in operating costs while increasing the load capacity (up to 2 tons).

All versions are produced on the same assembly line, allowing significant flexibility in adapting production to demand. The new Renault Master is the only car in its class produced in France: all three drivetrain types and all body styles are produced on the same assembly line at the Batilly plant (near Metz). Engines, gearboxes and batteries are manufactured in France, and 84% suppliers are also based in France.

Blue DCI Diesel Engine

The new Master is available in four Blue dCi diesel engine variants with outputs of 105, 130, 150 and 170 hp. They are characterized by significantly reduced fuel consumption (on average by 1.5 l/100 km) and lower CO2 emissions (by 39 g/km), now below 200 g/km. Power transmission is via a standard manual transmission or a new, extremely energy-efficient 9-speed EAG9 automatic transmission.

Electric motors

The 100% electric versions of the New Renault Master are available with 130 or 142 hp engines. each with a torque of 300 Nm and powered by a traction battery with a capacity of 40 kWh (range 180 km on the WLTP cycle) or 87 kWh. (power reserve more than 410 km according to the WLTP cycle).

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

Thanks to this, the New Renault Master boasts record performance parameters: a load capacity of up to 1625 kg, a range of more than 410 km on the WLTP cycle and the ability to tow a trailer weighing up to 2.5 tons. Energy consumption remains moderate and in the version with 87 kWh battery is 21 kWh/100 km on the WLTP cycle thanks to the innovative temperature control system. Fast DC charging from 130 kW terminals allows you to restore a range of 229 km in 30 minutes. Charging the 10% to 100% from home power sources takes less than four hours using a 22kW AC wall box.

Note. All mobility services for electric versions (charging programming, pre-heating/cooling the cabin before a trip, etc.) are described in detail in the Connectivity section below.

Hydrogen drive

The new Renault Master is also ready to be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell drive at a later date.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

Advanced technologies of the new Renault Master


The new Renault Master's innovative electrically assisted active braking system ensures the same braking performance and brake pedal feel regardless of vehicle load. This also ensures faster activation of the Active Brake Assist (reaction time is halved) as well as more intensive braking energy recuperation, which contributes to longer range in electric versions.


The new Renault Master can be equipped with 20 driving assistance systems, ensuring maximum safety for users and other road users. The vehicle's active safety is carefully monitored, thanks in particular to systems such as Crosswind Stability Control, Active Brake Assist AEBS and Trailer Assist. It also comes with an intelligent speed control system that helps the driver stay within the speed limit.

V2X functions dedicated to electric versions

The new Renault Master in electric versions will be equipped with two V2X functions: Vehicle To Load (V2L) and Vehicle To Grid (V2G). They allow you to charge external devices. The V2L function allows portable devices (such as tools or computers) or devices installed in the vehicle by the body builder (refrigeration unit, automatic tailgate, auxiliary heating/air conditioning, etc.) to be powered by the traction battery via an in-car socket. , luggage compartment or through an adapter connected to a power outlet.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

The new Renault Master can also be connected to the mains and supply energy from the batteries (V2G function, vehicle to grid) via a bidirectional charger.

Connecting with the world today

The new Renault Master is a commercial vehicle designed in the age of digitalization, equipped as standard with all the features that make it a leader in its class. For example, all model versions come standard with the most intuitive OpenR Link infotainment system on the market, with a 10-inch screen and wired and wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and smartphone screen mirroring. This intelligent, expandable system allows you to add new features just like on a smartphone, with remote updates (FOTA: over-the-air firmware available for over 20 embedded electronics) that are free for the first 5 years.

OpenR Link system with built-in Google services: an even more complete and effective connection with the world

Available for the first time in a light commercial vehicle, the state-of-the-art OpenR Link multimedia system with built-in Google services (optional), developed in collaboration with Google and based on Android Automotive OS 12, gives New Master drivers access to Google. Map navigation, Google Play application catalog and built-in Google voice assistant.

To make the most of your connection to the world, the system can be personalized like a smartphone by adding a Google account to your user profile. Its customizable interface can accommodate, in addition to the main display (navigation via Google Maps), two additional widgets: music, phone, Google assistant, car service, date and time, tire pressure, etc. Thanks to the menu bar on the left side of the screen, the system allows you to smoothly Switch between separate panels: welcome screen/navigation, music, phone, applications and car control. A wireless smartphone charger is also available, eliminating cable clutter in the cabin.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

Google Assistant, practical for everyday use

The simple and intuitive OpenR Link multimedia system can be controlled in the same way as a tablet, either by touch or using voice commands via Google Assistant, for example to listen to music. This virtual voice assistant can also be used for a variety of commands, such as accessing the latest news and weather forecasts, as well as controlling certain vehicle functions such as automatic air conditioning and window defrost without taking your eyes off the road. For drivers with a Google account registered with OpenR Link, Google Assistant can also act proactively, such as suggesting a destination based on the user's daily driving routes.

Applications useful for business users

Some applications available in the systematically updated Google Play catalog are especially useful in everyday business activities, for example:

  • Vivaldi browser provides Internet access and allows you to conveniently view emails and attached documents, edit documents, watch tutorials and even YouTube videos during your lunch break on the 10-inch screen. This is an effective alternative to using a smartphone. A properly configured Vivaldi home page includes practical direct links to Gmail, Outlook, Office and Renault digital manuals. Just like a tablet or computer, it can be personalized for quick access to your favorite apps.
  • EasyPark is an application for paying for public parking, allowing you to pay amounts that exactly correspond to the time you park. Parking fee measurement starts with one click on the OpenR Link screen and ends automatically when a moving vehicle is detected: simple and effective.
  • Interactive navigation app Waze , based on a strong community, is extremely valuable to its loyal users.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

OpenR Link with Converter Companion

Using the OpenR link multimedia system with the built-in Google browser opens up new possibilities for adding applications designed for built-in cars. These applications, developed directly by the bodybuilders, allow the driver of the New Renault Master to control body functions directly on the 10-inch multimedia system screen. This results in numerous benefits for the customer: better driver interface (better visibility, larger controls, color screen), greater simplicity and safety, better integration with the vehicle, better quality and the possibility of automatic remote updates. Additionally, it eliminates the need for an additional dedicated screen that would have to be installed on the dashboard, increasing the value of the vehicle at the end of its life.

Google Maps: The Ultimate Standard for Business Users

Navigation with Google Maps allows, among other things, access to real-time traffic information, POIs (favorite vendors or restaurants with opening hours, phone numbers, etc.), voice control, map updates to the latest versions. You can also sign in to your Google account in your user profile to access your favorite addresses.

My Renault: remote services to improve the daily use of your car

For even more interactivity and proactivity in your daily life, New Renault Master also offers the ability to remotely connect to your vehicle via the My Renault app and use features such as:

  • It is easier to find your car by placing it on the map or in a large parking lot, turning on the light or sound signal.
  • Monitor your maintenance program with notifications.
  • Receive notifications when your vehicle is unlocked: very useful for vehicles carrying valuable cargo.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

Electric versions: special mobility services

Electric versions of the New Renault Master are equipped with numerous, characteristic functions, built on the same principles as mobile services on smartphones. This makes the transition to electric mobility easier than ever.

Google Maps takes users' preferences into account and suggests routes to optimize their travel. Electric Route Planner also allows you to better plan your electric vehicle trips. The driver can determine the appropriate filters for charging the car depending on the payment cards used or the desired charging power. They can also designate their residence and workplace as charging points, and program air conditioning and charging on a weekly schedule to optimize charging costs and ensure the desired interior temperature.

The My Renault app and its numerous remote services for electric versions allow the New Renault Master, a high-tech car that is always ready to help, to remain constantly connected to the user's digital ecosystem:

  • Displays the remaining power reserve to monitor the need to recharge the battery in real time.
  • View charging terminals located near the vehicle's current location.
  • Program tolls at user-defined intervals, such as off-peak hours only.
  • Remote programming of cabin pre-conditioning to ensure the ideal temperature at the start of the workday (without affecting range when the vehicle is plugged in) ensures thermal comfort for business users accustomed to very early starts on the road.
  • Current charge status and battery charging history with dates.

New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan

New, improved delivery vehicle concept

The new Renault Master will be offered in a wide range of variants to suit all the needs of business users. Includes 20 body options with a capacity from 11 to 22 m3, with an increased width of the loading opening (+40 mm) of the side sliding doors and an increased length of the cargo compartment (+100 mm), one of the most largest in this category of cars. Its payload, dimensions and carrying capacity have been optimized, making it an ideal delivery vehicle, representing a completely new definition of vehicles in this category.

There are 20 factory bases for various bodies , some of which can be manufactured directly on site, in one of the plant’s workshops (dump trucks, open boxes, containers).

A shortened wheelbase and redesigned front suspension give the vehicle exceptional agility thanks to a 1.5-metre shorter turning radius. Thanks to this record-breaking agility, the New Renault Master can be used in the city even more comfortably, even in extended versions.

Like all electric models in the brand’s line-up, the New Master is equipped with numerous solutions from Renault’s “People First” program, designed to make it easier for emergency services to intervene in the car in the event of an accident:

  • The fire brigade QR code, placed on the body in the event of an accident, allows rescuers to quickly reach key points of the vehicle, such as:
    • a hole in the battery housing that allows the high-voltage traction battery to be flooded and thereby prevent the spread of fire;
    • LED switch, which disconnects the traction battery from the electrical installation to ensure that firefighters can safely carry out rescue operations;
    • The traction battery is placed in a special reinforced housing that protects it from all types of impacts.

The new Renault Master, which will go on sale in 2024 , designed to go further, carry more and reduce operating costs: it is the ideal next generation multi-energy delivery vehicle.

Source: Renault

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Новый Renault Master – мультиэнергетический Aerovan нового поколения
New Renault Master – new generation multi-energy Aerovan