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Dacia Spring Electric Show Car


In keeping with the brand's reputation for offering attractive automotive solutions, Dacia is now turning a new page in its history with the new Spring: a show car that marks the brand's first electric vehicle. The Dacia Spring revolution in affordable electric mobility is about to begin.

In 15 years, Dacia has made a profound transformation in the automotive market. The Duster is the top seller in the SUV segment and the most frequently selected model among individual buyers. Along with the changing market environment, the brand has also evolved, adapting to the needs of users while maintaining its values. As always, it offers simple, modern, reliable and durable cars at a reasonable price. This is a real "success story". The brand has won 6.5 million customers and has become the European leader in sales to private customers thanks to a wide range of passenger car models.

Dacia Spring Electric Show Car

Another revolution from Dacia

The Dacia Spring is in line with the Renault Group's vision of sustainable mobility while respecting the philosophy and values of the Dacia brand. The car is the forerunner of the 100% electric city car, which will be available to the widest possible range of customers and provide them with easy and comfortable mobility. This is a five-door city car that keeps up with the times, combining simplicity, solid construction and affordability.

According to WLTP, the light and compact production version of the Dacia Spring will have a range of around 200 km. The car guarantees universal and carefree use in the city and outside the city. The production version of the Dacia Spring will be available in 2021.

To ensure the success of the revolution, Dacia will draw on 10 years of experience from the Renault Group, a pioneer and leader in electric vehicles.

Dacia Spring Electric Show Car

An electrifying city car that breaks the mold

Exterior Pastel Souris Gray with matte fluorescent orange accents, body trim (fender flares, roof rails, door moldings) with ribbed fabric, increased ground clearance, skid plates integrated into the front and rear bumpers. The Dacia Spring is an electric city car that goes off the beaten track. The appearance of the SUV and its small dimensions make it an ideal vehicle for comfortable everyday use.

Designers paid special attention to lighting. The front end is adorned with full LED headlights, divided into two parts: a horizontal line at the top and four expressive elements integrated into the bumper. At the rear, four headlights, also LED on the 100 %, form a double Y. Their characteristic arrangement heralds a new style for future Dacia models. A new distinctive lighting system, a contoured bonnet and a complete grille with original finishes emphasize the dynamic character and durability of the Dacia Spring design.

Dacia Spring Electric Show Car

Dual market prospects

The Dacia Spring has a 100% electric drive and battery adapted to everyday use, so it performs well in and around town while maintaining exceptional durability in use. In addition, it has features that make it easy for individuals and companies to enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles: ease of driving, quiet operation, no vibration, no emissions, etc. Easy charging and much easier maintenance are additional benefits.

The car is also an ideal solution for companies offering new mobility services such as car sharing. The production version will also be offered in this market. The Renault Group has a significant stake with the largest electric vehicle fleet in Europe (7800 ZOE, Kangoo ZE and Twizy).

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Dacia Spring Electric Show Car