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Wavecamper Renault Trafic in Campervan body


At the end of the year, the Wavecamper Renault Trafic model, perfect for today, was added to the Renault network. A Renault full warranty camper should meet the expectations of a family or group of friends on short weekend trips and vacations.

Wavecamper Renault Traffic

The Wavecamper Renault Trafic is distinguished above all by the fact that it is also available in the long Trafica version, and the superstructure is equipped with two single seats instead of a sofa, which opens up new possibilities for interior design and vehicle use.

A car for many tasks

The Wavecamper Renault Trafic is a vehicle that should provide complete independence while traveling and at the same time be a useful coach in everyday use. Thanks to its compact size and innovative internal layout (5.4 m long and 2.0 m high), it can be used for many purposes, not necessarily just for vacation or weekend trips. The car is great for everyday tasks such as taking the kids to school, work or shopping (height with the roof down is usually less than 200 cm, so we can drive it to most malls).

Wavecamper Renault Trafic in Campervan body

Thanks to the easy dismantling of the seats and the lower bed, we quickly get a luggage compartment up to 300 cm long. Using the rail system, we can secure the transported goods. The Wavecamper also offers a comfortable place to stay inside and a range of amenities (such as a desk and additional electrical installation), making it also the right place for those who want to work out of the office in a pleasant environment.

For weekends or holidays, Wavecamper guarantees a comfortable trip with the possibility to spend the night in a safe place. In the Wavecamper Renault Trafic we can find, among other things, two comfortable double beds, clean and gray water tanks, a two-burner gas stove with built-in sink, a refrigerator with a freezer, additional heating and a solar system.

Wavecamper Renault Trafic in Campervan body

The Wavecamper Renault Trafic gives travelers a sense of independence, allowing them to choose a new stop at any time. A fully equipped kitchen will allow you to prepare your own meals. The car is also equipped with a summer shower and an optional tourist toilet.

With a free floor and loading space of up to 300 cm, the Wavecamper Renault Trafic will have room to pack equipment such as bikes, boards, etc. The car is also ideal for transporting large dimensions.

Complete motorhome with sleeping roof

Wavecamper Renault Trafic will prove itself during holiday trips as a full-fledged mobile home with four berths, lockers, independent heating or additional electrical wiring. The car offers various interior configurations. If two people sleep on the top bed (sleeping tent), the living space or bottom bed can be used downstairs.

Wavecamper Renault Trafic in Campervan body

Family trip or with friends?

Wavecamper Renault Trafic, thanks to the optional additional seats, can be adapted to transport 6 people in a few minutes. The car is equipped with four seats as standard. A characteristic feature of the car are, among other things, individual seats in the rail system, which allow you to decorate the interior in different ways. It is possible to rearrange the seats, add them or completely disassemble them. The innovative body of Wavecamper Renault Trafic is characterized by wide functionality.


The body of the Wavecamper Renault Trafic offers a Dometic compressor cooler, electrical installation with additional battery, fully insulated with soft interior, sink with glass lid and built-in flip-out faucet, fold-down table behind the driver's seat that can also be used outside the cabin. car and many other amenities. The vehicle comes standard with a 100W solar panel with solar installation. Optionally, you can increase the power of the panel (for an additional fee) up to 150-160 watts. Complete furniture of the highest quality, made of lightweight plywood with damage-resistant CPL laminate, is also a very important element.

Wavecamper Renault Trafic in Campervan body

Extras included

  • Converter 230 V (option)
  • parking heater EBERSPACHER
  • handy 12V rechargeable flashlight mounted in an easily accessible holder
  • solar installation, DOMETIC refrigerator, universal luggage securing system
  • storage space in the lower sleeping area, drawers in the kitchen area, panel with USB sockets, 12V, 230V - shower socket and hanger in the luggage compartment
  • magnetic thermometers (option)
  • USB socket in the sleeping compartment on the roof
  • USB socket in the space of the bottom bed
  • tablet holder (optional)
  • external CEE socket with 230 V socket outlet

Photo: Renault

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Wavecamper Renault Trafic в кузове Campervan
Wavecamper Renault Trafic in Campervan body