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Ford S-MAX - Roomy, functional, economical and dynamic


Can you combine all the features mentioned in the title in one machine? It turns out you can, and all this in a hybrid version of the Ford S-MAX, which has never been more economical, dynamic and available in an electrified version. What is the phenomenon of this car and why is it ideal for today's dynamic family?

New hybrid Ford S-MAX

  • An extremely economical hybrid drive that can be a great alternative to diesel engines.
  • Dynamic and economical on the road, as well as local emission-free driving in the city with an electric motor - the perfect combination of the advantages of a conventional unit with electrification.
  • Many practical solutions and plenty of space even for a family of seven.

Electrified drive without limits

If someone is interested in new electrified drives, but has some concerns about the use of all-electric vehicles, they can turn to the FHEV hybrid, which provides an economical and more environmentally friendly journey, and can also replace driving an electric car. but on the other hand, this does not limit the range of the user and the need for charging. If you combine the advantages of a hybrid with the advantages of a large family car, you get a versatile, dynamic and very economical car for city driving, as well as for long trips with the whole family and luggage.

Ford S-MAX - Roomy, functional, economical and dynamic

All these features have been successfully combined in the new Ford S-MAX Hybrid. The vehicle still offers all the space and flexibility of current S-MAX models in five- and seven-seat versions, as well as the benefits of a new hybrid system by integrating a 60-cell lithium-ion battery with waterproof underfloor impact protection. - Absorbing structure in the rear of the cargo compartment. With the 1.1 kWh battery pack using a liquid cooling system, the battery cells are tightly packed to save space and space inside. In addition, a specially designed dual exhaust system runs around the battery to adapt to its low position. How does this system work?

The electric power of the Ford S-MAX hybrid lets you experience the thrill of driving an electric vehicle. Regenerative braking technology captures up to 90 percent of the energy that is wasted when braking in a conventional car. The recovered energy is used to power the traction battery. In this way, the generated and stored power is directed to the electric motor, which can independently drive the front wheels in order to, for example, start quietly and efficiently, drive at low speed through a parking lot or a residential building. lanes. This allows quiet, comfortable and locally emission-free driving in the city, and on the highway with a slight load on the combustion chamber, for example, when descending a mountain, it can be completely switched off in order to save fuel. The liquid battery cooling system eliminates the need for a cooling fan, helping to further reduce cabin noise. And what is the burning?

Ford S-MAX - Roomy, functional, economical and dynamic

The electric motor works with a naturally aspirated internal combustion unit with a capacity of 152 hp. and 200 Nm of torque at a displacement of 2488 cm3, providing sensational agility and low fuel consumption at an average of 6.4 l/100 km (CO2 emissions from 146-147 g/km WLTP). All this makes the S-MAX hybrid an excellent alternative to diesel options. It has their biggest advantage i.e. low fuel consumption on the road, but also has a significant added value in the form of electric drive, which in turn reduces fuel consumption in the city.

Ford S-MAX - Roomy, functional, economical and dynamic

The performance of the Ford S-MAX Hybrid is also on par with conventional variants. 190 hp engine accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.8 seconds and a top speed of 185 km/h. A huge benefit is the smooth, linear acceleration thanks to the continuously variable transmission, which complements the inherent sportiness of the S-MAX. In addition, drive is supported by a redesigned engine-generator control unit that seamlessly switches between pure electric, hybrid and petrol drive.

Ford S-MAX - Roomy, functional, economical and dynamic

Ford's split-power full-hybrid transmission, mentioned above, also features gearshift simulation, which further enhances sporty driving. The system automatically adjusts engine speed as vehicle speed changes to increase driver engagement and make driving more enjoyable. Gear selection is controlled by an ergonomic shift knob that offers an additional mode for maximum engine braking when towing or descending steep hills for a more comfortable ride and maximum energy recovery. The advanced transmission also allows trailer towing of up to 1,750 kg for a five-seat S-MAX Hybrid and 1,560 kg for a seven-seat vehicle.

Flexible space for any occasion

Ford S-MAX can be equipped with up to 7 seats, so that even a large family can travel very comfortably. The rear space is extremely flexible and therefore highly configurable, allowing maximum practicality as needed. The two extra seats in the third row can be folded down at any time to provide enough luggage space for a family of 5. In addition, the second row seats can be moved independently to increase cargo space or give passengers more legroom. The correct shape of the Ford S-MAX trunk allows you to carry cargo up to almost 1 meter high and more than 1 meter wide between the rear wheel arches. Even when using all seven seats, the luggage compartment volume is 285 liters. With five people on board, the volume of the luggage compartment is 965 liters, and when two people are traveling in a car, their volume is as much as 2020 liters.

Ford S-MAX - Roomy, functional, economical and dynamic

A huge advantage of the Ford S-MAX Hybrid is also functional solutions that greatly facilitate everyday operation. It's not just about spacious storage compartments, for example in the center console, but also large cup holders, an additional storage compartment under the boot floor or three independent ISOFIX holders in the second row. In everyday use, especially when children are sitting in the rear seats, a small mirror in the upholstery will be useful for comfortable monitoring of the children being transported. In winter, the electric heating of the windshield works great, it quickly removes frost, ice and snow and allows you to quickly get on the road without tiring scratching.

Ford S-MAX - Roomy, functional, economical and dynamic

Based on sales statistics, the Ford S-MAX is one of the most popular vans on the Polish market. Complementing existing drives with a modern and economical hybrid system will strengthen its position in the market.

Director of Photography Dominic Calamus, Ford

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Ford S-MAX - Вместительный, функциональный, экономичный и динамичный
Ford S-MAX - Roomy, functional, economical and dynamic