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Maserati Levante Hybrid - electrifying premiere in Katowice


The modern automotive industry is in constant search of modern solutions, and the electrification of the model range has become commonplace for every manufacturer. Maserati is also focusing on introducing electric motors into its offering, thereby reducing exhaust emissions in its vehicles and maintaining the pure sound of the powertrain.

Maserati Levante Hybrid

Maserati is innovative at its core, and with the Levante it embodies the philosophy of entering the world of electrification: the goal is to improve performance while staying true to the brand's values, delivering speed and agility, saving fuel and reinforcing a commitment to driving pleasure and luxury. . The result is a hybrid SUV that retains the distinctive roar of every Maserati.

The Maserati Levante Hybrid combines a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine with a 48-volt hybrid system to recover energy during deceleration and braking. The hybrid vehicle weighs less than the equivalent of a 6-cylinder engine (both diesel and petrol) and, above all, has even better weight distribution because the battery is located at the rear without sacrificing payload and optimal vehicle weight balance. All this to make the Levante Hybrid even more agile and enjoyable to drive.

With a maximum power of 330 hp. and 450 Nm of torque at 2250 rpm, the performance of the new Levante Hybrid, available only with all-wheel drive, is impressive: a top speed of over 240 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6 seconds.

In terms of looks, the premiere version of the Levante Hybrid features a new metallic three-layer color called Azzurro Astro, available through the Maserati Fuoriserie personalization program.

Maserati Levante Hybrid - electrifying premiere in Katowice

Other exterior and interior details contribute to the instant recognition of the car's appearance: some of them are painted in blue, the shade chosen to identify hybrid vehicles already used by Maserati on the Ghibli Hybrid.

On the outside, the iconic three side air intakes, brake calipers and C-pillar logo are now painted blue, and the same blue hue reappears throughout the interior of the car, especially on the embroidered seams on the seats.

Photo: Maserati, source: La Squadra

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Maserati Levante Hybrid – электризующая премьера в Катовице
Maserati Levante Hybrid - electrifying premiere in Katowice