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TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok


Top quality. Uncompromising. Limited to 19 pieces. The new TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight, a lightweight sports supercar custom built based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S with racing technology for racing enthusiasts.

TECHART GTstreet R Limited Flyweight

TECHART has been presenting the spectacular TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight since March 21st at the Bangkok International Motor Show. It is also the start of a new TECHART flyweight competition division with extensive updates for Porsche owners who want to master the racetrack.

Since 1987, TECHART has been providing customers worldwide with a wide range of options for personalizing their Porsche vehicles. In keeping with the company's founding year, the GTstreet R program, which was already sold out, was limited to 87 units. With the introduction of the TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight, a limited edition of 19 pieces based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S, the international premium brand completes its founding year.

Derived from competitive sports, the name Flyweight refers to athletes belonging to the lightest and most technically advanced weight classes, distinguished primarily by accuracy, speed and agility, as well as endurance in the ring. These same values are important factors in the development of all TECHART Flyweight programs and products.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

“Our goal with the GTstreet R Flyweight was to create a real tracked vehicle,” says Tobias Beyer, Managing Director of TECHART Automobildesign GmbH. “With consistent weight reductions, advanced racing technology and TECHART performance improvements, combined with a sophisticated clubsport flyweight interior, we have created a unique package. We can't wait for our customers to experience this for themselves, both on the world's most demanding racetracks and on the road."

Racing as inspiration. Advanced Aerodynamics

The new technical solutions of the TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight are especially striking in terms of aerodynamics, lightweight construction and chassis. In developing this model, TECHART engineers focused on optimizing the performance of the modified supersport car for the race track while maintaining its suitability for everyday use.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

The aerodynamic elements of the limited edition TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight include a distinctive fixed carbon fiber front splitter that separates the incoming air and generates additional downforce. Side fins with integrated diffusers and a molded carbon fiber underbody complete the front splitter. Among other things, it was possible to significantly increase downforce and optimize the aerodynamic balance using digital airflow simulation. To protect the front splitter when used on the race track, skid plates are built into it.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

The new TECHART carbon fiber front wing with flared wheel arches has even more efficient and visible air vents. An important aerodynamic component is the GTstreet R Flyweight's iconic carbon fiber rear wing. It consists of a newly designed and weight-optimized fixed-wing hull, side air intakes, reshaped wingtip shapes and a manually adjustable wing profile. The angle of inclination of the upper wing profile can be adjusted in three planes, which allows you to optimize the aerodynamic balance depending on the layout of the track.

Mass optimization to the maximum. The standard hood and rear air intake locks have been replaced with quick-release fasteners integrated into the new TECHART carbon fiber front hood as well as the carbon fiber rear air intake panel. Instead of the standard rear window, a lightweight polycarbonate rear window, specially developed by TECHART and recognizable by the distinctive Flyweight trademark, has been installed.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

Luxury. Puristic. Club Sport Interior TECHART Flyweight

A large number of functional lightweight components characterize the Flyweight concept both in the exterior and interior. The distinctive DNA of the TECHART Flyweight extends from the racing-inspired exterior décor to the meticulously personalized handcrafted interior. Exclusive trim includes precise contrast color stitching and the hexagonal Flyweight DNA pattern, as well as alternating Flyweight embossing and flawless tone-on-tone embroidery on the door panels, seats, dashboard and center armrest.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

Attractive interior: To ensure an intense and controlled driving experience and ideal support even at the limit, TECHART works closely with RECARO Automotive, the seating specialist for track-oriented drivers and riders. Each GTstreet R Flyweight is equipped with custom TECHART seats. RECARO Podium CF Performance seats as part of the club interior. Weighing only 4.9 kg, the seat shell is not only ultra-light, but also improved by the TECHART manufactory with hand-painted elements, as well as embroidery and embossing, characteristic of light weight.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

New are the seat covers, which were developed in collaboration with OECHSLER, one of the leaders in innovation in the field of additive manufacturing. 3D printed overlays in separate areas between rider and seat shell allow for an even higher level of customization - finely tuned for performance oriented pilots and their personal GTstreet R Flyweight. Another benefit: the 3D-manufactured seat cushions provide even better passive ventilation and damping while reducing additional weight.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

The TECHART Flyweight Clubsport package, consisting of a TECHART roll bar, TECHART FIA-approved 6-point racing harness and a portable fire extinguisher, ensures maximum safety. The absence of rear seats, an optimized rear shelf with carbon insert and light carpeting to reduce sound insulation further optimize weight and make driving in the cab more enjoyable. The GTstreet R Flyweight is designed to work with head and neck support systems. The interior of the TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight is complemented by a custom steering wheel with turn signal and painted moldings.

The TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight enters the ring with a weight reduction of approximately 60 kg compared to a production model equipped with similar options. Despite the added security and without sacrificing everyday comfort. Each customer has a choice of visible carbon elements in matte or glossy finishes, a full paint job in matt, glossy, special or impact colors and together with the TECHART design team can create a custom look for the vehicle. Thanks to the craftsmanship of the TECHART manufactory, interior customization has no limits.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

Athletic performance in the ring: maximum strength and agility

TECHART is providing the GTstreet R Flyweight model, based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S, with special power treatment in the form of the TECHART Powerkit TA092/T2.1. The retrofit package includes optimized TECHART turbochargers, sport air filters, reinforced air valves combined with specially tuned engine and transmission software.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

With an impressive 588 kW (800 hp) and 950 Nm of total power, the model accelerates with much better response than the production car. The sprint to 100 km/h takes just 2.5 seconds, the acceleration to 200 km/h takes an impressive 7.5 seconds and ends only at a top speed of over 350 km/h.

Superb grip and precise handling at every apex thanks to technology partner Öhlins. The TECHART Flyweight coilover suspension is adjustable in height as well as rebound and compression for compact handling on the track. Optimized wishbone suspension on the front axle provides more precise and direct wheel control. This allows you to use the full potential of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires with high grip.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

Weight discipline also extends to the wheels, with the newly developed Formula VI Race Flyweight forged wheels featuring even thinner spokes and additional weight savings in the hub area. The dimensions of the new wheels are 9.5 x 20 inches OT 25 on the front axle and 12 x 21 inches OT 68 on the rear axle. The weight of one rim is 9.8 kg front and 11.2 kg rear. This means a reduction in unsprung weight of 2.6 kg at the front axle and 2.2 kg at the rear axle compared to the Formula VI race.

An emotionally compelling and powerful soundtrack to superb handling is the hand-welded GTstreet R Variable Valve Sport Exhaust System. Compared to the exhaust system of the base model, another 2.8 kg was saved.

TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok

The TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight package is limited to 19 pieces and is available to order now. For more information about the TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight program, visit the TECHART Automobildesign website:

Source: TECHART Automobildesign

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Мировая премьера TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight в Бангкоке
TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight World Premiere in Bangkok