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Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV

Mercedes-Benz has already entered a new all-electric era in the high end market with the EQS luxury limousine and the EQE sports and business limousine. The time has come for the EQS SUV, the third series of models built on an architecture designed for electric vehicles. In its avant-garde luxury interior, the SUV offers plenty of space and comfort, as well as extensive communication services for up to seven people. And powerful electric motors, responsive 4MATIC all-wheel drive and intelligent OFFROAD driving mode make the EQS SUV easy to drive even on rough terrain.

SUV Mercedes EQS

The new EQS SUV has a long wheelbase (3210 mm) with the EQS limousine, but it is more than 20 cm taller than it. Its body dimensions are as follows: 5125/1959/1718 mm (length/width/height). The large dimensions of the SUV, combined with the advantages of the design on the electric platform, result in an impressive volume of the cabin. The second row of seats is electrically adjustable as standard. The trunk holds up to four golf bags. A third row of seats is available as an option, with two additional single seats and enhanced comfort features.

Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV

The limousine version of the EQS leads the production car in terms of aerodynamics (Cd = 0.20; value for the corresponding equipment of the EQS 450+ variant). Purposeful design, combined with a smooth ride and normally closed grille, was a good starting point for polishing the aerodynamics of the EQS SUV. The optimization of flow details typical of SUVs has resulted in a combination of roominess and aerodynamic efficiency that is unique today.

Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV

All versions of the EQS SUV have an electric transmission (eATS) on the rear axle, while the 4MATIC versions also have an eATS module on the front axle. The Torque Shift feature on 4MATIC variants provides intelligent, continuously variable torque distribution between the rear and front electric motors, allowing you to get the most out of your eATS units every time. The electrical units on the front and rear axles are permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSM). The advantages of this design are high values of power density, efficiency and stability of output power.

The EQS Limousine is the first Mercedes-Benz model series in which new vehicle features in selected areas can be activated via an OTA update. With the debut of the EQS SUV, the lineup has expanded significantly. Later it will be possible to activate, for example, the Trailer Assist or the MBUX navigation with augmented reality functions.

Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV

The EQS SUV allows Mercedes-Benz to take another major step towards zero-emission mobility and brings the manufacturer closer to achieving its ambitious 2039 strategy. The model is produced with zero carbon emissions and offers real solutions in the field of zero-emission mobility, smart resource conservation and a responsible circular economy.

The chassis of the new SUV uses a four-link front axle and an independent multi-link design at the rear. AIRMATIC air suspension with ADS+ stepless damping is standard. The ground clearance of the car can be increased by several centimeters. In addition to the DYNAMIC SELECT ECO, COMFORT, SPORT and INDIVIDUAL modes, the 4MATIC versions offer an OFFROAD program for off-road driving. In addition, the series specification provides for a steerable rear axle with a rear wheel steering angle of up to 4.5 degrees. It provides impressive agility and high maneuverability. Optionally, also through an OTA update, a version with a rear wheel steering angle of up to 10 degrees is available.

Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV

The principles of so-called Integral Safety, especially in relation to traffic accidents, apply to all Mercedes-Benz models – regardless of platform. Therefore, the EQS SUV received a hard interior, special crumple zones and modern security systems. The European version of the model is the first Mercedes that can detect if the rear seats are occupied. If a passenger in the rear seat is not wearing a seat belt, the driver will receive a special warning. Another new feature of Mercedes-Benz is the so-called passenger presence reminder. This system informs you if, for example, there are children left in the passenger compartment. On European, Australian and New Zealand models, this reminder is standard.

Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV

Mercedes me Charge is one of the largest charging networks in the world

It currently includes over 700,000 AC and DC charging points, including around 300,000 in Europe. Since 2021, Mercedes-Benz has been offering the so-called green charging. High-quality guarantees of origin ensure that as much green energy from renewable sources is returned to the grid as is fed into the car's battery with Mercedes me Charge. In turn, the new Plug & Charge function makes charging the EQS at appropriate public stations extremely convenient.

Special navigation for electric models will provide the fastest and most convenient route, including stops for recharging. The calculation is based on many factors and reacts dynamically, for example to traffic jams or changes in driving style. When calculating the route, preference is given to stations located along the route and selected manually. Even estimated costs for charging at a given point are calculated.

Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV

The ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus option represents Mercedes-Benz's overall approach to cabin air quality in the EQS SUV. Behind it is a special system based on filtration, sensors and air conditioning and the concept of an information display. The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Air) filter with a very high level of filtration captures fine particles, microparticles, pollen and other substances that may have entered the cabin from the outside.

Thanks to intelligent software, the MBUX operating system is fully adaptable to its users and provides them with personalized suggestions for managing a wide range of functions in the field of information, entertainment, comfort and other vehicle settings. The so-called zero layer ensures that the most important controls are always visible at the top level of the menu, depending on the situation and context.

Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV

A distinctive feature of the cockpit is the optional MBUX hyperscreen.

Large curved display that extends almost from counter to counter. It combines three screens under one glass, including a 12.3-inch OLED display for the front passenger, giving them their own viewing and control area. In a growing number of markets, the front seat passenger can also watch dynamic content while driving; this is due to the use of an intelligent image blocking function - if the camera detects that the driver is looking at the passenger display, the system automatically dims the dynamic content.

The Dolby Atmos® sound system takes the acoustic experience in the SUV's EQS cabin to a new level. Individual instruments or voices can be located throughout the listening area. This provides a new kind of "animation" of sound - while conventional stereos typically offer left-right dynamics, Dolby Atmos® can take advantage of the entire space and create a 360-degree experience.

Interesting facts and figures: a brief overview of the new EQS SUV

  • Depending on the equipment and equipment of the vehicle, the WLTP range can be up to 660 km (preliminary data for the EQS 450+ version).
  • The torque transmitted to the wheels by the respective eATS (Electric Powertrain) system is checked 10,000 times per minute and corrected if necessary. In the 4MATIC versions, this provides a much faster response than mechanical drive on both axles.
  • As standard, the EQS SUV has a steerable rear axle with a steering angle of up to 4.5 degrees, and as an option, this angle can be up to 10 degrees. In the second version, the turning radius has been reduced from 11.9 m to 11.0 m.
  • The electric motor on the rear axle (permanent magnet synchronous motor - PSM) has two windings of three phases. The six-phase design makes it particularly efficient; its maximum power is (265 kW) 361 hp.
  • The optional DIGITAL LIGHT headlights have special light modules with three very bright LEDs per headlight; in both modules, light is refracted and directed by 1.3 million micromirrors. Thus, the front lighting resolution is more than 2.6 million pixels per vehicle.
  • Mercedes me Charge offers one of the world's most extensive charging networks, with over 700,000 outlets, including around 300,000 in Europe.
  • The on-demand MBUX hyperscreen harmoniously combines multiple displays to form an impressive curved “belt” that is over 141 cm wide.
  • The EQS SUV is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a maximum of 12 cells. The new generation of batteries represents a big step in balancing the chemical composition of the cells: the optimized active material consists of nickel, cobalt and manganese in a ratio of 8:1:1.
  • The optional EQS off-road driving sound is interactive and responds to more than a dozen different parameters such as accelerator pedal position, vehicle speed and recuperation (energy recovery) intensity.
  • The optional head-up display is available in two sizes. The augmented reality option presents up-to-date information in three dimensions, taking into account the current traffic situation and the environment; its viewing area is 77 inches diagonally. The virtual color image appears to be floating in view about 10 meters from the driver.
  • The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Air) filter, an element of the ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus option, has a volume of almost 10 liters and very effectively cleans the air passing inside the car. It separates up to 99.75% particles. To neutralize odors, 600 g of activated carbon is used. The adsorption area corresponds to approximately 150 football fields.
  • Eight CPU cores, 24 GB RAM and 46.4 GB/s RAM bandwidth are just some of the features of the MBUX operating system.
  • The DC charging system with up to 200 kW allows you to quickly charge the EQS SUV with direct current. This replenishes the energy equivalent to a range of up to 250 km (WLTP; preliminary data for the EQS 450+ version) within 15 minutes.
  • The brightness of the MBUX hyperscreen is adjusted according to the environment using measurement data from the multifunctional camera and the ambient light sensor.
  • The MBUX hyperscreen area for passengers can be customized using the seven user profiles available.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes EQS SUV redefines luxury SUV