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Orders for the new Fiat Tipo City Sport begin


Now available for order is the new Tipo City Sport, a unique combination of performance and technology, as well as a bolder design, best-in-class security and multimedia systems, and a wide range of fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly engines. It is the ideal solution for young and dynamic customers looking for an expressive, sporty character and cutting-edge technology in their vehicle.

New Fiat Tipo City Sport

The new Tipo City Sport version also expands the range of the new Tipo, which was completely updated last December in terms of engines, style, version and technology, and is now available in a newly developed lineup with three different faces: Life, Sport and Cross.

Orders for the new Fiat Tipo City Sport begin

The arrival of the new version of the Tipo continues the path of constant renewal that, in just a few years, has made it one of the most popular in its segment both in Italy and in other European countries (more than 75% Fiat Tipo cars are sold outside of Italy). ). The new Fiat Tipo Cross, the biggest new addition to the 2021 model range, already accounts for over 40% sales, confirming the high praise from European customers.

Bold design and character

The new Fiat Tipo City Sport is instantly recognizable with its distinctive features, including the special Sport badge under the front mirror and the exterior color unique to the Metropoli Gray range, combined with 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, as well as numerous high-gloss finishes. in black: from the inserts at the bottom of the front grille to the A-pillar and from the side mirror housings to the door handles.

Orders for the new Fiat Tipo City Sport begin

The shiny black grille also features an updated grille with an all-new Fiat logo. After the new 500 Tipo, it is the second car from the Italian marque to bear this badge. The even more modern appearance of the Tipo City Sport is also due to the new Full LED headlights, which come as standard at both the front and rear, which not only accentuate the car's lines, but also enhance active and passive safety through better visibility. In keeping with the trend towards sustainability in every detail, even the smallest one, they also reduce energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions.

Best in class: multimedia and security systems

The sportiness also shines through in the car's interior, where the black roof lining draws attention, pairing perfectly with the new, even more compact sports steering wheel for better ergonomics and full visibility of the 7-inch TFT display that replaces the traditional analog instrument cluster. This is certainly a modern and more advanced system that shows the parameters of the car and allows you to control multimedia and phone.

Orders for the new Fiat Tipo City Sport begin

The car was also equipped with a new UConnect 5 multimedia system with a 10.25-inch touch screen. Designed to provide customers with simple and convenient control, Uconnect 5 allows wireless use of Apple CarPlay ™ or Android Auto ™ functions on the touch screen with customizable profiles and the ability to save up to 5 configurations. The air conditioning control system was also changed and new trim elements were added: chrome and black.

Finally, with the "Keyless Entry/Go" system that allows you to open and close the doors and start the engine without taking the key out of your pocket or purse, the new Tipo City Sport offers a wide range of latest generation equipment. driver assistance systems (ADAS), including Light Assistant to improve visibility when driving at night by automatically switching on high beams in the absence of an oncoming vehicle.

Orders for the new Fiat Tipo City Sport begin

Efficient and environmentally friendly engines

Available in hatchback and wagon versions, the new Tipo City Sport can be equipped with a 1.6 Multijet turbodiesel with 130 hp. or the new 1.0 3-cylinder turbo-petrol engine with 100 hp.

Mopar D-Fence protection package

The new Tipo range, which is becoming increasingly sustainable, can be equipped with Mopar's three-piece D-Fence protection package on request. These are: a high-pressure cabin filter from the Premium product group that prevents the penetration of pollutants from the outside - blocks small particles and absorbs 100 % allergens, as well as 98 % reduces the formation of mold and bacteria located between the air intake and passenger compartment, cleans the flow of air entering from outside for air conditioning and ventilation systems; the second element is the air purifier, which is placed in the interior of the car, but since it is a portable device, it can be used at home.

Equipped with a HEPA filter, it purifies the cabin air by filtering it and retaining micro-particles such as pollen and bacteria. The third element included in the D-Fence package is a small and highly effective UV CLEANER lamp that removes up to 99% of bacteria on surfaces and helps sanitize all the most frequently touched parts of the car interior, such as the steering wheel. , gear knob and seat.

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Начинаются заказы на новый Fiat Tipo City Sport
Orders for the new Fiat Tipo City Sport begin