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New Toyota Corolla 2023


The new Toyota Corolla is an updated and improved version of the 12th generation of the model, which is the second most popular car in the C segment in Europe and has been the leader in the passenger car market in Russia for two years now.

With the facelift, Corolla is getting fifth-generation hybrid technology - electrified drives with 1.8 and 2.0 engines are more powerful and more dynamic, and at the same time more efficient than their predecessors.

New Corolla 2023

The new model comes standard with the latest infotainment system with faster operation and greater functionality, as well as a new customizable digital cockpit displayed on a 12.3-inch screen in the instrument cluster.

New Toyota Corolla 2023

The 2023 Corolla features Toyota's T-MATE Active Safety Suite, which combines the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense with other driving assistance systems. By equipping the car with a new communication module with a SIM card that provides a constant connection to the Internet, security, multimedia and communication technologies will receive online updates with the consent of the driver. Updated looks and interior styling are complemented by new headlights, wheel designs, upholstery and color combinations.

Unique in its segment, Corolla offers customers a choice of two full-hybrid powertrains, featuring low fuel consumption and the ability to run on electricity only without recharging the battery from an external source.

The new facelifted Corolla will go on sale in Europe in the first quarter of 2023.

New Fifth Generation Hybrid Drive

With the facelift, the Toyota Corolla is getting an all-new fifth-generation hybrid technology. As with the previous model, the range of drives includes two hybrid systems to choose from - with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine and a more powerful one with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine.

Both systems have received significant changes that give them more power and better performance with more efficiency. Modifications include a new PCU control unit and an improved electric transmission, a more powerful lithium-ion battery and modified transmission characteristics for even more driving pleasure.

New Toyota Corolla 2023

More dynamics and efficiency

The power of the 1.8 hybrid powertrain has increased to 140 hp. (103 kW). With this drive, the Corolla accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.1 seconds, 1.8 seconds faster than its predecessor. Despite improved performance, CO2 emissions are reduced by 2g/km to 100g/km.

The maximum output of the 2.0-liter hybrid is also higher - 196 hp. (144 kW).. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km is 7.4 seconds, half a second less than the previous model. With an impressive 12g/km CO2 reduction on the combined cycle, the Corolla Hybrid 2.0 produces just 98g/km of CO2.

Fifth generation hybrid drive

Toyota developed fifth generation hybrid technology after testing all hybrid drive components to improve efficiency while reducing their size and weight. This increased drive power while maintaining the exceptional economy and reliability of Toyota hybrids. The engineering team has benefited from the wealth of experience gained from the sale of more than 22 million hybrids, including 10 million fourth-generation hybrid vehicles in use worldwide.

The new PCU helps to reduce the electrical losses in the system by 14 % in the 1.8 drive system and by 6 % in the 2.0 drive system. The PCU has a new double-sided cooling system and runs at a higher frequency, making less noise. The unit was mounted directly above the new gearbox, which is 15% lighter than the previous one. It uses lighter materials and new powerful motors/generators make it more powerful and economical. The dimensions of the electric motors are reduced due to the use of a new layout of the stator windings.

New Toyota Corolla 2023

An improved transmission allowed the 50 % to use a lower viscosity oil. The new oil reduces friction in the transmission, resulting in lower fuel consumption. Other modifications include eg. smaller gears with teeth with more contact area and a smaller and lighter differential.

Li-ion traction battery

The new lithium-ion battery is smaller and lighter, but more powerful than the one previously used in the Corolla. Its power output has increased by 14% while weight has decreased by 14%. It's also more durable than the previous one and runs quieter thanks to the new cooling system. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it fits completely under the rear seat without obstructing the trunk.

More pleasant, natural handling

The benefits of the new system are not limited to aspects that can be measured with hard data. Toyota has also focused on giving the driver a better, more direct driving experience. In the new Corolla, speed develops smoothly and predictably, which gives a more confident driving experience. This difference is easiest to notice when driving in the city, with frequent changes in speed. Uphill or downhill acceleration is also more natural and better matched to engine speed. On the motorway, the petrol engine runs at lower revs for a quieter and more relaxed ride.

New Toyota Corolla 2023

Toyota T-MATE: security, parking and driver assistance systems

Toyota T-MATE's advanced suite of security, parking and driver assistance systems has been designed to keep all road users safe, from drivers and passengers to pedestrians and cyclists. The Toyota T-MATE is standard on the Corolla and includes, among other things: the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense and other driving and parking assistance systems.

Recent developments in Toyota Safety Sense bring significant improvements to existing solutions and new features that improve driving safety in new, hitherto unaccounted for traffic situations. Thanks to online updates, security systems can now be updated automatically without visiting a service center.

The 3rd generation Toyota Safety Sense is based on the interaction of a camera mounted on top of the windshield and a radar above the front grille. The new camera has twice the range and a wider field of view, and its performance is supported by Deep Neural Network and Motion 3D technologies, which allows you to recognize three-dimensional objects. Thanks to them, the camera has more opportunities to observe the environment, better recognize the lines on the road and its edges. The system detects objects on the road earlier and takes into account more potential hazards, including motorcyclists, as well as walls, barriers and curbs.

New Toyota Corolla 2023

Toyota's improved sense of security

With enhanced camera and radar capabilities, the Early Collision Warning System (PCS) has received new features to cover more different driving situations, including the risk of a frontal collision.

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New Toyota Corolla 2023