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New Maserati FTributo Special Edition


Maserati's sporty DNA inspired the new FTributo Ghibli and Levante special edition, dedicated to Maria Teresa De Filippis and the story of her courage.

Maria Teresa became the first woman to qualify for a Formula One Grand Prix.

She did it behind the wheel of a Maserati 250F. The relentless spirit of Maria Teresa De Filippis and timeless references to the Maserati racing world are the themes of the new limited edition FTributo, available for Ghibli and Levante. Two exclusive body colors are reserved for it: Arancio Devil and Grigio Lamiera.

New Maserati FTributo Special Edition

Attractive details and a sporty aesthetic make the special edition take the sportiness of both models to new levels. The first glance is associated with adrenaline on the race track. Arancio Devil is a very rich orange hue that combines the vibrant energy and boldness of Maria Teresa and is a reference to her nickname, the “devil”.

New Maserati FTributo Special Edition

Maserati Ghibli FTributo Special Edition

On the contrary, the Grigio Lamiera Gray draws its inspiration directly from the race track, the true home of Maserati, where the trident brand has won numerous victories and unleashed its best performance.

The look of the Levante FTributo is completed by 21-inch Anteo wheels. The Ghibli FTributo, on the other hand, got 21-inch Titano rims.

New Maserati FTributo Special Edition

On the Arancio Devil versions, the details are in cobalt blue: the rim lugs, the special emblem on the fender and the trident on the C-pillar. On the exterior of the Grigio Lamier, the color of the rims is changed to glossy black, and the details are given a contrasting color. Orange color.

Inside, cobalt blue or orange stitching is paired with black or orange PienoFiore leather (full grain) to match the exterior trim.

In 1955, Maria Teresa De Filippis took part in the 39th Targa Florio race - together with Luigi Bellucci, she led the Maserati A6GCS. The team finished ninth in the general classification and fourth in the 2-litre class. It was a turning point when De Filippi - one challenge after another - broke conventions and stereotypes. In 1958, she became the first woman to compete in Formula One, again driving a Maserati.

New Maserati FTributo Special Edition

67 years on, FTributo special editions celebrate Maserati's sporting heritage and the Italian brand's revolutionary victories on the track.

Elegance, extreme performance and sportiness revive the winning duo of Maserati and Maria Teresa De Filippis. This is a story of perseverance, courage and audacity. To be able to overcome difficulties, compete and win - on and off the track, with a purposeful look to the future.

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Новый Maserati FTributo Special Edition
New Maserati FTributo Special Edition