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H1st vision is a concept car developed by Software Republique


Software Republique, an open innovation ecosystem built by six major companies (Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics, Thales), has set clear goals to contribute to building a European ecosystem of sustainable, reliable and secure mobility. The Software République roadmap calls for the launch of ten new service and product offerings by 2025, the incubation of at least fifty startups, and the provision of services in more than fifty regions.

Presentation of the H1st vision concept

Just two years after its founding, Software République presented the world premiere of an innovative collaborative mobility concept at Viva Technology 2023. To this end, he uses functional and innovative technologies that embody his vision of the user-centric mobility of tomorrow. This H1st vision (First vision of a person).

This revolutionary concept vehicle combines twenty full-featured innovations. A physical vehicle intended to be used has its own virtual copy, a digital twin, operating in a world where systems that are today independent of each other (infrastructure, energy, utilities, different categories of users, etc.) interact and interact together. It allows you to model, visualize and simulate various use cases that might occur in the real world.

H1st vision is a concept car developed by Software Republique

Through its wide connection with the environment, H1st vision maintains an ongoing dialogue with digital and physical ecosystems. H1st vision is an authentic experience that goes beyond car mobility. This is not only a concept car, but also a real vision of the mobility of tomorrow. An experience that is more user-centric than ever. Twenty innovations aboard this demonstration of new technologies take care of the driver, passengers and other road users.

The H1st vision concept offers:

  • secure and innovative biometric vehicle access;
  • exceptional sound in the interior;
  • optimized range and battery charging;
  • control over the health of the driver and the technical condition of the vehicle and support in this regard;
  • protecting passengers and other road users with a warning warning.

H1st vision is a concept car developed by Software Republique

H1st's vision is the result of the expertise of Software Republic members, i.e. established manufacturers and promising startups selected for their outstanding achievements.

It was developed by a team of 100 people in record time - six months. With this concept car, which is presented in both real, functional and virtual forms, Software République proves the effectiveness of the open innovation model in creating industrial projects that will help Europe become the center of modern mobility.

“The H1st concept car is an intelligent vehicle, physical and virtual, that demonstrates both a model of close collaboration between partners and the complementary nature of technologies from Dassault Systèmes, Orange, STMicroelectronics, Renault Group and Thales. All this should help build the mobility of tomorrow.” – Eric Fenton, COO of Software République

20 innovations on board

The H1st vision concept car combines pioneering mobility technologies focused on safety, well-being and the environment. This proves the legitimacy of the interdisciplinary ecosystem that is Software République, which adapts and implements mobility innovations from other sectors (health and security, military, aviation, etc.).

H1st vision is a concept car developed by Software Republique

The system recognizes the silhouette and then the face of a person approaching the car, allowing access to the passenger compartment and starting the car. The avatar, displayed on the windshield and then on the center console screen, welcomes the user and guides them through all available functions. The immersive audio system, co-designed with Jean-Michel Jarre, creates a true sound cocoon. Its combination with an innovative microphone ensures spatial reception and distribution of sound in any seat. H1st vision is also equipped with a built-in payment interface and smart parking assistance.

The use of power electronic components made of silicon carbide in critical power systems is part of the effort to achieve sustainable mobility. These components are used in electric vehicles and charging stations, greatly increasing their efficiency. In addition, the Powerbox with V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) two-way charging allows you to transfer energy to the power grid and power the house during periods of peak power consumption.

Numerous physical and virtual sensors monitor the health of users, and in the event of an incident, H1st Vision can establish cellular or satellite communications to alert emergency services. It also monitors the wear status of key vehicle components such as the battery and tires. H1st vision can even generate its own health certificate.

H1st vision is a concept car developed by Software Republique

A virtual twin moving through a virtual city demonstrates a wide range of connections between the vehicle and its environment (City 4.0, other road users and infrastructure, etc.) to detect potential hazards, improve the safety of vulnerable road users and optimize the movement of emergency vehicles services. .

Method used by Software République

The experience of two years of cooperation between the six founders of Software République (Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics, Thales), an effective management system, as well as a deep understanding of the technology of each partner made it possible to implement one concept out of twenty technologies in a record short six months.

It is unique in that it combines technology from the founders of Software République and others, including seven startups and partners: Arkamys, Compredict, Epicnpoc, Eyelights, Kardome, Stern Tech and JCDecaux. Also unique is the combination of a physical object with its digital twin, interacting both with the object itself and with its environment.

Source: Renault

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H1st vision — концепт-кар, разработанный Software Republique
H1st vision is a concept car developed by Software Republique