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Nissan Unveils Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept

Nissan today unveiled the Nissan Hyper Adventure, the second in a series of cutting-edge electric concept cars for the Japan Mobility Show, which kicks off on October 25th. The digital concept unveiled is a sport utility vehicle aimed at people who love outdoor adventures and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept

Long driving times require energy, so the Nissan Hyper Adventure concept and its V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technology are designed to meet power needs anywhere, anytime, while respecting the environment.

Whether it's a weekend getaway to the nearby mountains or a months-long journey into the unknown, the Nissan Hyper Adventure aims to meet the diverse needs of those who love the great outdoors. The high-capacity battery can be used as a power source and allows users to charge gadgets, light up a campsite, and even charge electric jet skis. V2X can also deliver energy to homes (V2H) or the local community by transferring excess energy to the grid (V2G).

Nissan Unveils Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept

The Nissan e-4ORCE's advanced all-wheel drive system allows you to get to your destination efficiently, safely and in style, whether you're traveling through snowy mountain passes or muddy trails in the dense rainforest.

The exterior is characterized by dynamic panels that symbolize an active lifestyle, with clear diagonal lines along the sides of the car, emphasizing the spaciousness of the cabin. By changing the direction of air flow through the front spoiler, the model boasts good aerodynamic performance, which is further improved by the glazing of the roof and side windows, as well as the flat surface of the rear body. The wheels and bumpers (front and rear) are equipped with special linings, thanks to which the car can easily move through snowy terrain.

Nissan Unveils Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept

Carefully selected interior equipment and a spacious interior make driving easy and comfortable in any situation. The instrument panel flows smoothly into the lower part of the windshield, which acts as a screen with a wide field of view, creating the effect of a transparent car body, and seamlessly connecting the space inside and outside the car.

There's also cargo space inside for outdoor gear like tents, skis and even a kayak. The rear seat is eye-catching and can swivel 180 degrees on its axis, making it a comfortable rear-facing seating area. This solution also includes automatic extending and retracting of the footpegs, which is useful when camping, preparing to ski, or enjoying the scenic views.

Nissan Unveils Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept

The Nissan Hyper Adventure concept is an offering for those who want to spend time outdoors comfortably, safely and with plenty of energy.

The digital presentation of the Nissan Hyper Adventure concept will take place at the Japan Mobility Show.

Until October 25, a special video will be available on Nissan's YouTube channel, featuring Nissan concept models later unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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Nissan представляет концепт-кар Nissan Hyper Adventure
Nissan Unveils Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept