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Electric Lexus RZ Outdoor Concept for the adventurous


Lexus has unveiled the RZ Outdoor Concept, a prototype off-road version of the electric RZ, as part of the Overtrail project. The solutions and design of the car refer to the previously shown models RX Outdoor Concept, which uses a plug-in hybrid, and ROV Concept 2, which uses a hydrogen internal combustion engine.

Lexus RZ open concept

The RZ Outdoor concept has two electric motors with a total power of 313 hpwhich is transmitted to all wheels with the help of a new, Smart Disk DIRECT4. Due to off-road modifications, compared to the standard model, the length of the car has increased by 25 mm (4,830 mm) and the height by 20 mm (1,655 mm). The width remained the same (1895 mm).

Electric Lexus RZ Outdoor Concept for the adventurous

The car is equipped with 18-inch wheels with AT tires in size 265/60R18, which allow you to move on dirt roads. The car has a modified front bumper with an overlay, as well as lighting that facilitates movement in the dark - one LED strip is mounted on the roof, the other in the middle of the front bumper, and the whole set is complemented by two KS headlights located at the corners of the bumper. At the rear, the bumper has been changed and a tow hook has been added to allow the installation of a bike rack.

The Lexus RZ Outdoor concept car received a two-tone body paint, combining the Regolith paint from other Outdoor concept cars with piano black lacquer. The door handles and fenders are finished in matt black, while the optional mudguards are finished in orange. Window moldings are made of stainless steel and painted black.

Electric Lexus RZ Outdoor Concept for the adventurous

The Lexus RZ Outdoor Concept is the second prototype model based on the electric Lexus RZ. Earlier at the Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus unveiled the RZ Sport Concept, which boosted power to 408 hp, lowered and tuned the suspension, and fitted sport seats.

Source: Lexus

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Электрический Lexus RZ Outdoor Concept для любителей приключений
Electric Lexus RZ Outdoor Concept for the adventurous