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The ID studio model was introduced in Los Angeles. SPACE VIZZION

On the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volkswagen introduced another studio model from the ID family. I'D. SPACE VIZZION is electrically powered only. The style and shape of this model have been developed in a completely new way. The front part of the body with air holes is very characteristic, thanks to which the car has a drag coefficient of 0.24. I'D. SPACE VIZZION has the aerodynamic qualities of a Gran Turismo and at the same time the spacious interior of an SUV - thus, Volkswagen defines a completely new vehicle segment.


“In the age of electric mobility, the new ID. SPACE VIZZION is all about versatility and the highest quality,” said Klaus Bischoff, head stylist at Volkswagen.

The studio model is based on the modular MEB platform developed by Volkswagen. The 82 kWh battery allows the vehicle to cover a distance of up to 590 km (according to WLTP). With a drive system power of 250 kW (4MOTION) ID. SPACE VIZZION accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds.

The body is pure dynamics

Electric vehicles don't have a radiator and don't need a lot of space to install an engine. Stylists and designers ID. SPACE VIZZION has used this space to create a body with excellent aerodynamic properties, which in turn will increase the range of the car.

The ID studio model was introduced in Los Angeles. SPACE VIZZION

In the characteristic front of the case there are holes that provide sufficient airflow. It passes through a narrow gap in the body between the headlights and then flows over a very low bonnet to the rear of the car. Air also enters through the openings to the right and left of the front bumper, in which case the air is correctly directed to the rear, behind the vehicle. Holes in the bumper and hood Volkswagen ID. SPACE VIZZION are designed as functional elements of the design of the studio model and at the same time are original elements of the unique style of this car.

Interior - Plenty of space on the go

When building an ID. SPACE VIZZION uses all the advantages of the MEB floorboard. Since the electric motor is small and the battery of an electric vehicle is located in the floor, it was possible to design a large interior, comparable in area to the interior of higher-class cars. The identifier does not only the electric drive. SPACE VIZZION is a model that respects the principles of sustainable development - the materials used in the interior have also been chosen accordingly. They are made from natural raw materials, an example is the new AppleSkin artificial skin, which uses waste products from the production of apple juice. Inside ID. SPACE VIZZION chrome was removed and replaced with a varnish that looks like this metal.

The ID studio model was introduced in Los Angeles. SPACE VIZZION

Volkswagen ID. SPACE VIZZION sets a new standard for intuitive operation - for the first time, all driving information is displayed primarily on a head-up display using augmented reality technology. Instead of the classic dashboard, there is only a small screen that displays the information the driver needs to drive. Comfort-enhancing features, Internet connectivity and on-board device control are concentrated on the 15.6-inch touchscreen. The driver receives other important data automatically and intuitively via ID. Light” is an interactive light strip located between the A-pillars.

Studio model with a future

SPACE VIZZION gives a concrete idea of ​​what the production version of the model will look like, which will be presented at the end of 2021 and will be available in different versions in the markets of North America, Europe and China.

Photo: Volkswagen

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Модель студии ID была представлена ​​в Лос-Анджелесе.  КОСМИЧЕСКОЕ ВИЗЗИОН
The ID studio model was introduced in Los Angeles. SPACE VIZZION