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New Bentley Hybrid - Bentayga Hybrid

The Bentayga Hybrid is the world's first premium electrified SUV. It is also the brand's third best-selling model after the Bentayga V8 and Bentayga Speed versions. The latest version of the model provides the latest technological solutions to optimize the driving mode.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

  • The new Bentley Hybrid is the brand's next step in the Beyond100 strategy.
  • Electric drive combined with a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine delivers 449 hp. and maximum torque of 700 Nm.
  • Combined drives provide a range (NEDC) of 862 km, while the electric motor alone provides almost 50 km.
  • In 2021, Bentley announced that it will also introduce the brand's second hybrid model.

New Bentley Hybrid - Bentayga Hybrid

Drive for every journey

The vehicle combines the comfort of a luxury SUV with the quiet electric operation of city driving. For additional safety of pedestrians, a special loudspeaker is installed in the model, which emits a signal when driving at low speed. A 168-cell battery with a capacity of 17.3 kWh is enough for a distance of 160,000 km. The battery can be charged at a rate of 7.2 kWh and, depending on the available infrastructure, it will take just two and a half hours to replenish the energy level.

Bentayga's second drive is a 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine for exceptional driving performance. The unit switches on automatically when the speed exceeds 150 km/h or when additional torque is required.

“The Bentayga Hybrid is another step towards making Bentley a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility,” said Adrian Hallmark, president of Bentley Motors. “Bentley is undergoing a transformation from a century-old luxury car brand to a brand that delivers new, sustainable luxury solutions. The Bentayga Hybrid confirms our recently announced Beyond100 strategy.

A trip tailored to your needs

Research conducted by the brand confirms that more than 90% owners of the first generation Bentayga hybrid used the car every day or several times a week. Nearly all drivers tested were driving in electric mode.

To optimize your driving experience, the Bentayga offers three dedicated driving modes: EV Drive, Hybrid Mode and Hold Mode. The first mode is activated every time the engine is started and allows the use of a fully electric drive. This is facilitated, among other things, by the navigation system in combination with a vibrating pedal mechanism, which is activated when approaching an intersection or a speed limit zone. Thus, the driver can reduce the speed in advance and maintain a smoother ride, thereby reducing energy loss.

New Bentley Hybrid - Bentayga Hybrid

Hybrid mode maximizes the vehicle's range and efficiency by using both drives. After entering the destination into the navigation system, artificial intelligence will adjust the choice of drive to the stage of travel, for example, turning on the electric drive when passing through a settlement. Algorithms allow you to fully use the battery while traveling.

The third mode, Hold Mode, regulates the operation of the internal combustion engine and electric drive to ensure a high level of battery charge. This program is designed for sports driving.

New Bentley Brand Aesthetics

The Bentayga has been updated with a fresh look and feel to match the brand's new style. Every front and back panel has been redesigned. A significant change is the new elliptical taillights of the car, in keeping with the aesthetics of the Continental GT model.

“We thought long and hard about how to improve the proportions and character of the model,” says J.P. Gregory, director of exterior design at Bentley Motors. “The new Bentayga retains the signature Bentley style, but gains more expressiveness and off-road confidence. The enlarged grille and high-mounted headlights give the car a more modern look.

New Bentley Hybrid - Bentayga Hybrid

The interior of the car has also been updated. Designers introduced new door trim, a redesigned steering wheel and a new 10.9-inch multimedia system housing. To improve ride comfort, a new seat model has been introduced and the range of seat settings has been expanded. Depending on the needs of the customer, the Bentayga is available with five or four seats, which will provide even more comfort for people sitting in the back.

Photo: press service of Bentley Motors

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Новая модель Bentley Hybrid — Bentayga HybridEnglish
New Bentley Hybrid - Bentayga Hybrid