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New 7-seat SUV Toyota Highlander debuts in Europe

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Highlander, Toyota's largest hybrid SUV, will be available for the first time in Western and Central Europe from next year. The hybrid model will further expand the brand's European SUV line-up, joining the RAV4 in the D-SUV segment, the Toyota C-HR in the C-SUV segment and the soon-to-be-showy B-SUV Yarisa Cross. .

Toyota Highlander 7 seats.

After 23 years of hybrid technology development, 15 million hybrids sold, 9 hybrid models in the European market and 44 worldwide, and the launch of the 4th generation of hybrid drives, Toyota is the undisputed leader in the hybrid market. . The Highlander Hybrid combines the most advanced hybrid technology in the Toyota world, the brand's vast expertise in SUVs and off-road vehicles, with the renowned quality and reliability of its vehicles.

New 7-seat SUV Toyota Highlander debuts in Europe

Highlander makes full use of the GA-K platform and TNGA architecture, which guarantee comfort, ease of control and safety, as well as low fuel consumption and low emissions through TNGA hybrid drive technology. The AWD-i intelligent drive ensures very good traction and stability, and increases trailer pulling power up to 2 tons.

External and internal design

The Highlander Hybrid is a powerful 4950mm SUV with 20-inch alloy wheels that combines the sleek, dynamic design of a premium SUV with the power and endurance of a purebred 4×4 all-terrain vehicle.

The interior is designed to combine practicality and durability with roominess, comfort and high-quality finishes at the level of a 7-seater SUV for demanding customers. The second row of seats can be moved forward and backward by 180 mm, which provides comfortable space and ease of entry into the car for all passengers, including two adults occupying the third row of seats.

New 7-seat SUV Toyota Highlander debuts in Europe

The 658-litre luggage compartment has additional underfloor storage, and its capacity can be dramatically increased by folding down the second and third row seatbacks. When folded, a cargo compartment with a flat floor with a volume of 1909 liters is formed. The tailgate opens and closes automatically and is controlled by the movement of the foot.

In the cabin, the location of roomy storage compartments is thought out, and USB inputs are installed on the first and second row of seats. Interior colors can be black or graphite.

Extensive higher standard equipment includes a 12.3-inch touchscreen in the center console used to control the multimedia system and satellite navigation, a head-up HUD display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a wireless phone charger, ventilated seats and a virtual rear-view mirror with extended field of view.

New 7-seat SUV Toyota Highlander debuts in Europe

hybrid drive

The 4th generation Toyota Highlander's all-hybrid drive is a front-wheel drive system of a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, an Atkinson economy cycle and two generator engines. An electric motor on the rear axle works with them, creating an intelligent AWD-i (intelligent four-wheel drive). A powerful nickel-metal hydride battery was placed under the second row of seats.

Combined engine output is 244 hp* and combined CO2 emissions are just 146 g/km* (WLTP) or 117 g/km* (correlated NEDC). Combined fuel consumption ranges from 6.6 l/100 km* in the WLTP test or 5.2 l/100 km* in the correlated NEDC cycle. The Highlander Hybrid offers the best power-to-CO2 ratio in its segment.

New 7-seat SUV Toyota Highlander debuts in Europe

The driving mode select switch allows the driver to select between ECO, NORMAL, SPORT and TRAIL modes. All four can also be activated when the vehicle is in separately selectable electric (EV) mode.

An acoustic windshield and sound deadening materials on the roof, floor and dashboard, as well as fender flares and floor mats, make the cabin very soundproof. This allows you to fully appreciate the smooth and quiet operation of the hybrid drive.

The body, built on the GA-K platform using TNGA technology, is light and rigid, and at the same time has a low center of gravity. As a result, the new SUV is agile and confident to drive both in the city and on winding roads, as well as on the highway.

New 7-seat SUV Toyota Highlander debuts in Europe

Security systems

The new Highlander Hybrid is equipped with the second-generation Toyota Safety Sense advanced safety package, designed to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision. The package includes Collision Risk Early Warning System with Pedestrian and Bicyclist Detection and Cross-Crossing Collision Avoidance (PCS), Full Range Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC), Traffic Sign Recognition (RSA), Lane Keeping Assistance (PCS) (LTA ) and auto high. Beam (AHB).

Sales of Toyota Highlander Hybrid in European markets will begin in early 2021.

* Preliminary results before final homologation.

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Новый 7-местный внедорожник Toyota Highlander дебютирует в Европе
New 7-seat SUV Toyota Highlander debuts in Europe