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New Golf Alltrack 4MOTION available for order


The Golf Alltrack is a cross between a Golf Variant and an SUV, which is why Volkswagen equips it with permanent all-wheel drive (4MOTION) as standard. Increased ground clearance and numerous styling details make the Golf Alltrack look like an SUV. This impression is especially enhanced by new, more massive bumpers front and rear. The Golf Alltrack handles rough terrain well and is the ideal trailer towing trailer with a maximum curb weight of up to 2000kg (with brake weight at maximum road grade 12%). The new Alltrack uses eighth-generation Golf technology.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 4MOTION

Volkswagen is systematically expanding its eighth-generation Golf range. The range has just been expanded with the new Golf Alltrack, fitted as standard with 4MOTION permanent all-wheel drive.

  • Volkswagen once again offers the Golf Alltrack, a model with 4MOTION all-wheel drive and design elements that emphasize the vehicle's competence.
  • Golf Alltrack has become 66 mm longer than its predecessor, and the maximum boot volume has increased to 1642 liters.
  • longer wheelbase provides 38mm more legroom for rear passengers

New Golf Alltrack 4MOTION available for order

The Golf Alltrack is a model that combines the spaciousness and practicality of the Golf Variant with the looks and off-road capability of an SUV. That's why it comes standard with all-wheel drive, a 147kW (200hp) diesel engine, a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and an engine skid plate.

The Golf Alltrack's standard equipment list includes, among others, the Digital Cockpit Pro, a personalized digital instrument cluster with an on-board computer; Discover the multimedia navigation system with Streaming & Internet service and numerous solutions that affect the safety of the driver and passengers, including Travel Assist with Lane Assist and ACC active cruise control.

New Golf Alltrack 4MOTION available for order

The 2.0-litre TDI engine for the Golf Alltrack is now equipped with two SCR catalytic converters, placed one after the other, with separate AdBlue injection (also known as Twindosing). The first catalytic converter is located close to the engine so it quickly reaches its optimum operating temperature. As a result, soon after the engine is started, its exhaust gases are effectively cleaned; The proximity of the catalytic converter to the engine also has advantages when driving when the engine is not heavily loaded. The second SCR catalyst is located under the floor, and because it is further away from the engine, the exhaust gases in front of this catalyst are colder even by 100 degrees Celsius. The second catalytic converter works best when the drive is heavily loaded, such as when driving on the motorway or when towing a trailer. So - regardless of the degree of engine load - one of the two SCR catalytic converters always operates in the optimal temperature range to ensure effective purification of exhaust gases from nitrogen oxides, then only water and nitrogen are produced, which is harmless.

New Golf Alltrack 4MOTION available for order

The new Golf Alltrack is available on the Volkswagen website.

Photo: Volkswagen

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  1. This is my third Golf. Always considered this car a benchmark. You will not find a more balanced car for both the city and the highway. I tested many cars, but I didn’t find anything better for myself.

    Many people think that Volkswagen cars are overpriced, but this is not the case with the Golf. The secret is that in the database the car is already very well equipped. I have the second Comfortline equipment and it already has everything you need: dual-zone climate control, LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, a modern multimedia system with a large touch screen.

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Новый Golf Alltrack 4MOTION доступен для заказа
New Golf Alltrack 4MOTION available for order