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New MINI Cooper S 5 doors


Fresh styling accents and a unique Multitone roof enhance the appeal of the British premium brand's first five-seat car. Already sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. The new version will hit the market in March 2021.

MINI Cooper S 2021

In the MINI premium compact range, the new model is a perfect example of the brand's creative use of space. The 5-door MINI combines driving pleasure and individual style with extra functionality. Now fresh stylistic accents, a unique Multitone roof, an upscale refined interior and additional features make the five-door MINI even more attractive. The new version of the 5-door MINI will hit the market in March 2021.

New MINI Cooper S 5 doors

The 5-door MINI offers all the features of the British premium brand's compact car, as well as much more comfort and more space for passengers and luggage. The wheelbase is 72mm longer than the 3-door MINI, and the 160mm longer body makes the difference. In city traffic and in tight parking lots, the 5-door MINI is also extremely agile and offers up to three rear seats. Rear seat passengers can easily get in thanks to the optional tailgate, and inside they can enjoy a noticeably wider cabin, more legroom and headroom, and great versatility. With the rear seat backrest folded down, divided by 60:40, the luggage compartment volume can be increased from 278 to 941 liters.

New MINI Cooper S 5 doors

This combination of driving pleasure and practical benefits has been very popular from the very beginning. The new vehicle concept in the small car segment has enabled MINI to reach new target groups with its inherent driving pleasure. More than 500,000 MINI 5-doors have been sold worldwide. In 2020 alone, this model was chosen by 56,000 buyers.

The carefully thought-out design of the 5-door MINI now creates the ideal conditions for the continuation of this success story. The new, abbreviated and especially clear stylistic language focuses on the most important. The hexagonal grille and round headlights at the front are even more expressive. LED headlights are now standard, as are LED taillights with distinctive Union Jack motif. Vertical air intakes replace the fog lights, which have been taken over by bad weather lights. Like the matrix high beam function, they are part of the optional adaptive LED headlights. The body-coloured bumper also emphasizes the modern and elegant look of the front end.

New MINI Cooper S 5 doors

In addition to the extended appearance in Piano Black, the optional Multitone Roof provides a new way to customize the look of the MINI 5-Door. As it has been extended, as has the wheelbase, compared to the 3-door MINI, the color gradient from San Marino Blue at the front to Pearly Aqua in the center and Jet Black at the rear is especially striking here. The subsequent application of the three colors is done in a fully machine process at the MINI plant in Oxford, UK. However, changing environmental conditions may result in slight variations in the color pattern. That's why every MINI 5 door with Multitone roof is unique.

The Multitone roof can be combined with almost all MINI five-door paint finishes, including the new Rooftop Gray metallic paint. This strong and elegant shade of gray, fading slightly to silver, perfectly complements the shimmering, dramatic colors of the roof.

New MINI Cooper S 5 doors

The spacious interior of the 5-door MINI blends perfectly with the refined cabin design and new comfort features. Flush-fitting central air vents and a restyled central instrument cluster that now includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen as standard add to the premium modern ambiance. Features on the driver's side are an optional multi-function instrument display and a sport leather steering wheel now standard with new multi-function buttons. For the first time, a steering wheel heater is available as an accessory.

In addition, more than ever, the light contributes to the well-being inside the MINI 5-door. The graphics of the central instrument panel and digital cockpit display can change depending on your mood. You can choose between "Lounge" and "Sport" modes, each with its own color scheme. The display settings can be adapted to the MINI's driving modes and can also be combined with the color scheme of the new additional ambient lighting. Thanks to this, the spaciousness and comfort of the MINI 5-door saloon can be enjoyed in a very romantic setting.

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Новый MINI Cooper S 5 дверей
New MINI Cooper S 5 doors