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All-electric Nissan ARIYA


ARiya opens a new chapter in the history of Nissan's zero-emission vehicles. This all-electric crossover rediscovers the potential of this type of vehicle, offering an unrivaled level of comfort and vehicle integration, embodying Nissan's Japanese DNA.

Nissan Ariya 100% electric

In creating the ARIYA, Nissan used its experience as an electrification leader and a pioneer in the crossover segment to give the new vehicle both exceptional driving performance and the unrivaled benefits of electric drive.

Driving an electric car: smoothness, dynamics and balance

The Nissan ARiya floor plate - CMF-EV - is specially designed for electric vehicles. It allows you to get optimal parameters in terms of power, range and charging capabilities. It also strikes a balance between driving comfort, dynamics and agility. Three model versions (ARIYA 2WD 63 kWh, ARIYA 2WD 87 kWh and ARIYA e-4ORCE AWD 87 kWh) and a range of up to 533 km will meet the expectations of a wide range of buyers.

All-electric Nissan ARIYA

With its all-electric powertrain, ARIYA offers high torque immediately available, which means smooth, dynamic and near-silent acceleration and impressive flexibility. Nissan made sure not only that the power unit was extremely quiet, but also that when driving fast, not a sound was heard. As a result, the cabin is evenly quiet - even from behind.

ARIYA 87 kWh can restore range up to 350 km in just 30 minutes, extremely efficient charging with fast charger using CCS connector. The traction battery assembly is located in the floor between the axles for a 50/50 weight distribution on the e-4ORCE and almost as perfect on the front-wheel drive variants. During testing, engineers paid great attention to finding the perfect balance between performance, safety and driving comfort, which is key to providing customers with the best possible driving experience for the brand's flagship model.

All-electric Nissan ARIYA

European customers expect extremely responsive steering and high agility, as well as better stability at higher speeds. In the European versions of the ARIA model, the damping force of the shock absorbers has been increased and the stabilizers have been improved to reduce body roll. Nissan Europe engineers have also tweaked the springs and steering to make it stiffer at higher speeds.

New stylistic canon - timeless Japanese futurism

Nissan's Japanese roots are evident in both exterior and interior design. Eternal Japanese Futurism is a concept that has re-discovered the potential of the electric vehicle in terms of design and combines aesthetics with functionality, creating an atmosphere of exclusive outdoor space.

ARIA has been designed according to a philosophy based on minimalism, elegance and sophistication. The shapes of the individual elements have been chosen in such a way as to emphasize the modernity of the car, while maintaining its timeless style.

All-electric Nissan ARIYA

The new floor plate and the compact design of the drive components allowed the A/C control system to be moved under the hood. In this way, designers could use the entire length of the salon, the flat floor of which gave the impression of an exclusive futuristic living room. Tastefully designed and comfortable, the cabin offers all passengers an unparalleled space for this class of vehicle thanks to the maximum cabin size, which is one of the largest in this category of cars. From ventilated Zero Gravity seats and exemplary legroom to a panoramic sunroof and power center console, the Nissan ARIYA interior shows a new approach to harmoniously combining comfort and style.

People in the spotlight: technologies and solutions

With the latest cutting-edge technology, ARIA is a driver-friendly, user-focused vehicle.

The driver can customize the seat, steering wheel and power center console to their liking. Settings can be saved in user profiles, which is especially convenient when several people use the car. Also of note is the ergonomic adjustable console that acts as an armrest equipped with a virtually hidden inductive mobile phone charger. The gear selector mounted on it and the adjacent touch switch panel move with the entire console.

All-electric Nissan ARIYA

The monolithic display of the ARIA model consists of two screens - each with a diagonal of 12.3" - which display the most important information, such as battery charge status, range and navigation instructions. Displaying a wealth of information in a clear, horizontal, wave-like layout makes it easy to read without distracting the driver. The car is also equipped with a large head-up display that provides useful information in a safe way for the driver.

The minimalist dashboard features tactile climate control buttons that light up when the car is started. Only the most important switches, including the volume knob and steering wheel buttons, retain their traditional look. The instrument panel with its discreet control panel harmonizes with the interior layout and underlines the elegance of the interior, while the gear selector lever fits comfortably in the hand, promoting a relaxed driving position.

Security Solutions

In line with Nissan's principle of designing vehicles with the greatest possible consideration of the driver's needs, ARIYA is equipped with a suite of intelligent safety systems. Standard features include: Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection, Forward Collision Warning, Driver Fatigue Detection, Unintentional Lane Change Intervention, Blind Spot Warning and Intervention, Traffic Sign Recognition or cross-traffic alert when reversing with emergency braking function.

All-electric Nissan ARIYA

Intelligent Integration - Connected Services and Driving Assistance Technologies

ARIYA also offers advanced driver assistance technologies, including ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link, the most advanced Nissan Driving Assistant in Europe to date. It also comes standard with Cross-Traffic Assist, 360° Camera System, I-Key Smart Key, and higher version also includes Adaptive Full LED Headlight System, Head-Up Display, and dual driver memory function including seat. settings, center console and mirrors.

All-electric Nissan ARIYA

A new feature is the intelligent route planning function, which takes into account various factors in real time, such as traffic, road conditions, the presence of a charging station or the power reserve in the traction battery. Using the NissanConnect Services app, the user can, for example, remotely control the air conditioner, charging process, and vehicle locks. You can also use Apple CarPlay wirelessly in your car and via cable Android Auto.

ARIA in Europe

Buyers enthusiastically greeted the ARIYA electric crossover. So far, 250 units of the model have been sold, this is all the distribution planned for this year for the market. The first customers will receive their flagship Nissan model in October.

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All-electric Nissan ARIYA