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Volkswagen introduced the prototype ID. EXTREME


Electric surprise in ID. Treffen in Locarno, Switzerland: Volkswagen presents the ID concept. XTREME, a unique electric off-roader prototype that generated a lot of interest from the automotive enthusiasts attending the event. The all-electric concept is based on the production ID.4 GTX all-wheel drive vehicle and combines the advantages of a modern off-road vehicle with the freedom of off-road driving.

Volkswagen introduced the ID concept. EXTREME

Concept name identifier. XTREME is a maximum of emotions and an opportunity to experience an adventure. The prototype was created by Andreas Reckewert's team in Volkswagen's development department.

“This is proof that the MEB platform has great potential,” says Silke Bagshik, Head of MEB Product Line. “For many of our customers, cars are much more than just a means of transportation. Thanks ID. XTREME, we are taking electromobility to the next level,” adds Baghschik. The result is a unique off-road vehicle that impresses with its rugged looks and great power. Efficient rear axle drive and a software change in the drive control unit increase the power of the vehicle system by 88 hp. - up to 387 hp compared to the ID.4 GTX, or about 30 percent. “We can't wait to see how EV fans react to this car. Based, in particular, on their opinion, we will decide what to do with the project,” concludes Silke Bagzczyk.

Volkswagen introduced the prototype ID. EXTREME

Just look at the VW ID. XTREME to make sure the car is ready for almost any adventure. A raised chassis, 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, a redesigned front bumper and 50mm larger 3D-printed wheel arches give the concept car an aggressive look. A roof rack with additional LED lights and an aluminum plate under the chassis make the 4WD all-electric vehicle well-equipped for off-road driving.

Volkswagen introduced the prototype ID. EXTREME

Also in terms of acoustics ID. XTREME has something special to offer: the driving sounds were developed in collaboration with the Volkswagen design department specifically for this prototype. Inside, the car impresses with a number of distinctive elements, including numerous Alcantara inserts, modified seating or orange contrasting elements. Needless to say, ID card. XTREME is environmentally friendly. Its design was based on an unused pre-production test sample and a previously used 77 kWh battery.

Volkswagen introduced the prototype ID. EXTREME

Volkswagen ID. XTREME debuted at ID. Treffen in Locarno, Switzerland. Organized by and for electric car enthusiasts, the event is being held for the second time this year and could be an eco-friendly and sustainable event along the lines of the longstanding GTI Treffen on Lake Wörthersee (Austria). This year ID. from all over Europe gathered on the shores of Lago Maggiore from 6 to 10 September to share their experiences with electric vehicles.

Initiated and organized by ID. Drivers club (a club that unites drivers and fans of Volkswagen ID), event identifier. Treffen is supported by Volkswagen as part of its commitment to the Way to ZERO strategy. Volkswagen experts also took part in the event, providing participants with information about sustainable mobility. next to the ID. XTREME Volkswagen also presented other models of the ID family in Locarno.

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Volkswagen представил прототип ID.  ЭКСТРЕМАЛЬНЫЙ
Volkswagen introduced the prototype ID. EXTREME